Planning To Choose Hair Transplant Clinic? Remember These Points

Hair Transplant Clinic

Baldness is not just a cosmetic defect. Surveys show that men are even more afraid of him than job losses. They believe that hair loss negatively affects both their appearance and the attitude of others around them. Painful emotions seriously reduce the quality of life, lead to social isolation. Attempts to mask a flaw not only do not lead to success, but often become an occasion for even greater ridicule.

It is generally accepted that the problem of baldness concerns only men. In fact, up to 80% of women sooner or later face alopecia due to genetics, stress, hormonal changes, malnutrition. There can be many reasons, one consequence – critical hair loss. For many women, this is a real tragedy, they hide it even from loved ones and wear wigs 24 hours a day.

Therapeutic treatment does not always help, and then the last hope of a balding person becomes a hair transplant.

How to get beautiful hair?

Hair transplantation is done for both men and women. Since 2004, technology has appeared that allows you to transplant relatively long hair, which significantly reduces the rehabilitation period after the procedure.

All existing methods are based on transplantation of grafts – the smallest fragments of the scalp, combining 1-4 hair follicles. They take root well and form a natural hairline without the manifestation of the “doll head” effect, in which hair grows in bunches.

The donor zone may be the occipital part of the head or parts of the body. When collecting follicles from the body, it should be borne in mind that these hairs are thinner and do not grow longer than 1.5-2 cm. They are usually used to thicken the hairline on the forehead, restore eyelashes and eyebrows.

Strip method, or FUT method. The most affordable. It involves the extraction from the nape of a long strip of skin with hair, which is then cut into grafts. At the place where the donor material was cut, a seam remains, which at first is almost invisible. Due to the high density of the scalp over time, the seam stretches and becomes thicker. If you do not plan to cut your hair extremely short in the future, this is not so important – the scar is not visible under the hair.

Today, the FUT method is rarely used. It is best suited for patients with curly hair. The rehabilitation period is 14 days.

FUE Method Minimally invasive and operational method with faster recovery. When transplanting hair using the FUE method, one of two technologies is used:

  • Classic 

The aesthetic result, as well as the postoperative course, greatly depends on the experience of the doctor. Complete healing takes at least 2 weeks. After grafts are removed, spot scars remain. The survival rate of transplanted hair is about 50%.

  • Puches used

The most advanced technology. The grafts are removed with a special robotic tool with a minimum diameter of 0.6-0.9 mm, so no trace is left on the skin. Micro-puncture of the skin and implantation of hair is carried out in one motion, so there are simply no channels (incisions) for implantation. The extracted follicular formations are “planted” by the implant to a predetermined depth at a natural angle of inclination. Due to easy healing and the absence of side effects in the form of edema and suppuration, rehabilitation lasts no more than 5 days, the hair looks completely natural. Survival – up to 98%.

Any hair transplant procedure is very painstaking and time-consuming. The doctor works with one patient the whole day: before lunch, he picks up the grafts, and in the afternoon they transplant them.

5 reasons to get a hair transplant in India

Why fly to India, if a day’s transplant can be made in my city, you ask. You can, if you don’t think about where all these numerous clinics and the doctors working in them came from so quickly.

Just imagine, in some centers the duration of a hair transplant training is only 10 days, and this period includes both theory and “vast” practice. But a lot depends on the qualifications and experience of the doctor. Unprofessional work with grafts is fraught with their poor survival, so that as a result of the hair there will be neither in the donor region, nor in the transplant area.

  1. The many years of experience of surgeons are the main advantage of hair transplantation in India. Hair transplants come from the United States and Europe, where a similar procedure costs many times more. Indian doctors receive hundreds of patients every year, which with an experience of 10-20 years guarantees the highest professionalism of specialists. In 2018 alone, about 100,000 hair transplants were performed in India!
  1. Certification of clinics in accordance with the standards of ISHRS (International Society for Hair Reconstructive Surgery). This means that transplantation uses advanced equipment and proven technology. Strict sterility requirements are met. The percentage of graft survival is maintained at a consistently high level.
  1. Work with difficult cases. And this is a direct result of numerous operations and the availability of the most modern equipment. A doctor in India will quickly find the optimal solution depending on the diagnosis, hair structure, age of the patient, and other factors. 
  1. Comfortable conditions for the patient. The patient is met at the airport, placed in the clinic, they are given all the necessary medicines and means for a safe sleep. Provide translation services. On the day of departure – transfer to the airport. The spacious and clean rooms have everything from a private bathroom to the Internet. The polite and friendly medical staff provides round-the-clock surveillance.
  1. Reasonable prices. Making a hair transplant in India is cheaper than in any other country, even taking into account the flight. Many patients buy a tour during the operation, which includes tickets for a charter flight, transfer to the hotel and accommodation. 

How to choose a clinic and doctor for a hair transplant

Obviously, choosing India for a hair transplant, you cannot go to the first clinic that came across. When searching, pay attention to the following points:

  • Transplantation method. One doctor specializes in a hair transplant using the strip method, another specializes in the FUE method. Which method is right for you?
  • Interaction with the surgeon. Someone, like Dr. Anil Garg, does all the transplants himself. Someone assigns the less responsible part of the work to assistants. And someone is recruiting patients due to his name, which was hyped up in the past, and transplantation is performed by completely different doctors.
  • Results of operations. Clinic sites usually post “before-after ” photographs. Be careful! Photos can be processed to give the hair more density.

A much more informative and objective way to choose a clinic is to study the reviews of real patients. However, there are pitfalls here. Negative reviews are often written one and a half to two months after transplantation, when the so-called shock hair loss occurs. This is a natural process, so pay attention to the date of operation and the date of publication of the recall.

There are a lot of offers on the Internet, there is a high risk of running into an underground clinic operating without official permission. To choose the best medical institution and not to be mistaken, send an application for a free consultation on a hair transplant in Turkey. You will receive detailed explanations and recommendations for the procedure. It is free and does not oblige you to anything. We will help you find a surgeon who will restore your hair to its former density.