Top Tools and Software for Quality Animated Explainer Video Production

Animated Explainer Video Production

With today’s era continuously being dependent on visual content, videos and animations are now being used for the same notion. Since a great amount of consumer audience wants an easy explanation of your brand’s products and services, there is no better option than animated videos.

The emergence of free and paid animation tools and software has been quite rapid and soon every brand owner would prefer to make marketing videos all by themselves. You always have the alternative option to find the best video animations company but if you are tight on budget then free animation video production programs and tools can give you utmost ease.

Here is an extensive and detailed list of animation software programs that you can use to make explainer videos, whiteboard animations or any other existing form of video marketing.


Using RendrFX, one can create and design animated logos, social media posts, and promotional video content. Videos are fully customizable with the option to make animated explainer videos and infographic animations. However, the directory of visual and special effects is not so extensive. While the software is free to use, you can purchase the premium version for $49/month.


If you want to make quality 2D animations then Animaker can be your utmost choice. With the option to create and render high-quality graphics, you can upload your videos across numerous social media channels including YouTube. As for its user interface, you just have to drag and drop the visual elements, designs, clips and special effects on to the screen. This software is also free with a paid version that costs $12 per month.


Videoscribe is a complete video animation tool but it is mostly used for making explainer videos and whiteboard animations for academic purposes, social media postings and for businesses. As compared to the above two software, Videoscribe only offers a free one week trial and you would have to purchase the paid version for $29/month and that is only one plan.

Go Animate

Using Go Animate, you can produce quality whiteboard animations. What makes it a favorable preference is that it offers a drag and drop interface that does not make you create animations or design elements from scratch. If you want to experience how each feature works before paying $30 monthly, download the software and test it out for a 14-day trial time.


If you want to create some of the finest animated photo slideshows then you can select Animoto. It has the option to even add music or audio files to your video slideshow. It is a great choice for basic marketing campaigns, email marketing, and social media postings.


Since whiteboard animated videos have been made for educational and academic purposes, if you want e-learning video content then Explee is a befitting selection. Explee is not only used for learning purposes but short animated ads can also be rendered using this software.


Animated videos are always produced in a sequence of steps. You get the idea, you execute it, you animate a video, and you customize it further and then launch it on any preferable platform. That is what Animiz provides to you. Full customization and personalization options meant for adding a flair of uniqueness to animations for only $29 per month.


With the use of Videopath, as the name suggests, you can incorporate and insert textual content, images and website links to a video. That makes it the right selection of producing demonstration or tutorial videos, which animated explainer videos already do for you.


One can never run out of explainer video software and marketers are always in a dire need of finding the best one so Animatron was a necessary addition to the list. Whether you are a large scale business or a small startup, Animatron has every feature, editing tool and animation options that can be used by pros and beginners alike. In order to avail this software, you just have to pay $15 per month or you can use the free version.


You could be a professional animator or just a novice who has started out in the field of animation, Wideo is a befitting choice for animators holding every scale and level of skill set. You can just select a befitting template and customize it further for a presentation, explainer video or a branding video.

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