Guide To Buy Gold Rings In Abu Dhabi

Buy Gold Rings In Abu Dhabi

Given the abundance of stores selling gold goods, Abu Dhabi is regarded as the ideal place for gold purchases. However, having several choices can make things more difficult and can leave one perplexed. Always buy gold from reliable and trusted sellers, especially when it comes to expensive items like gold rings and jewellery that can carry some emotional significance.
Gold rings are the most popular jewellery piece because they represent sophistication and elegance. They can also make thoughtful and priceless gifts for your friends and family. Here’s a simple guide to buying the right gold ring from the best gold shops in Abu Dhabi. 

Al-Romaizan Gold & Jewellery

Al-Romaizan Gold & Jewellery is among the leading gold jewellery stores in Abu Dhabi, we are always working to innovate and inspire the gold and jewellery sector. With an emphasis on producing the highest calibre jewellery, we embrace traditional excellence in jewellery. And we always strive to exceed expectations when developing jewellery and keep our consumers at the top of the list by concentrating on their needs.

We are a group of traditional artisans who bring beauty, art, and the specifics of the many-decades-old techniques of crafting to each piece of jewellery we make. We use our experience and expertise to create the greatest products on the market that compete internationally. Our dedication to offering quality and perfection has led to our expansion into numerous UAE locations, with new branches opening every year.

At Al-Romaizan Gold & Jewellery, sell gold rings with a variety of styles and traditions, including Arabic, Italian, Turkish, and Singaporean customs. We only use pure gold, including 18k and 21k, to produce gold jewellery. Choosing Al-Romaizan Gold & Jewellery to buy a gold ring has many advantages, including great quality and price, as we concentrate on making our gold rings genuine and authentic, gold rate in UAE is always the lowest compare to other GCC countries.Additionally, you can enjoy the variety of designs that are available in our online store. To accentuate the elegance of your personality and the attractiveness of your hands, buy one of our unique gold rings.

Malabar Gold and & Diamonds

One of the top manufacturers of jewellery in Abu Dhabi is Malabar Group. Whether it’s your wedding or a celebration, the store always has gold rings available. They have gold watches and coins in addition to the standard gold accessories like earrings, pendants, chains, and rings, which sets them apart from other gold retailers in the UAE. Additionally, all Malabar Gold Jewellery stores in the UAE sell items with the 916 purity mark, which only denotes that they adhere to international standards.

Online gold ring shopping doesn’t seem like the wisest thing to do. However, Malabar Gold online store makes this process quite straightforward and secure for you to buy gold rings from the comfort of your home.


Kalyan Jewellers offers one of the best selection of gold and diamond jewellery in Abu Dhabi. Additionally, they place a strong emphasis on informing the client about the gold’s purity. In this store, you can purchase gold rings from the following brands: Nimah, Mudhra, Anokhi, Rang, Tejasvi, Ziah, Laya, Glo, Candere, Vedha, Hera, and Apoorva. Beautiful rings with white, yellow and rose gold are readily available here. This is the finest place to purchase a traditional gold wedding ring.


Cartier is another well-known jewellery store that is among Abu Dhabi’s top gold retailers. They offer simple gold rings, engagement gold rings, and fancy rings for different occasions. They sell yellow, white, pink, platinum, and white gold rings made with modern designs. At Cartier boutiques, customers can enjoy custom engraving and embossing services.

Jawhara Jewellery

An excellent selection of gold jewellery is available at Jawhara Jewellery, including gold rings, earrings, pendants, pendant sets, chains, gold necklaces, bangles, and bracelets. Here, you can buy either 18K or 21K gold rings with unique designs. They are one of the leading jewellery stores in Abu Dhabi. Don’t forget to check out the offers on their official website as well. 

Madinat Zayed Gold Centre In Abu Dhabi

In addition to these well-known gold stores, Abu Dhabi residents frequently purchase jewellery at the Madinat Zayed retail mall. Like the Gold Souk in Dubai, this area is filled with a number of famous stores that provide gold rings in a variety of styles. The best pearl, diamond, and gold rings can be found at the Madinat Zayed Gold Centre, which is close to the main mall. Customers can also get custom-made gold rings from these gold stores in Abu Dhabi.

Pure Gold Jewellers

Pure Gold Jewellers are highly known for their pure gold items, as the name says. You may find any ring you want here, including white, yellow, and rose gold rings. The loyalty program at Pure Gold Jewellers can be a blessing for people who enjoy switching out their jewellery from time to time. Additionally, with every purchase, you can receive discounts and earn points for your subsequent orders. Kiosks for Pure Gold in Abu Dhabi are conveniently located in Abu Dhabi airport.

Liali Jewellery

You can choose a gold ring from more than a dozen different brands at Liali Jewellery. They specialize in 22k, 21k, and 18k gold, and you can customize your gold ring for the occasion. You can easily find the ideal gold ring for an engagement, wedding, graduation, or anniversary here.

Our guide to buy gold rings in Abu Dhabi comes to an end now. We are aware that complete satisfaction with the purchase is essential when making a significant investment. Fortunately, you should not be concerned about the purity of the gold, given the reputation and background of these brands. The best locations for gold rings shopping are in Abu Dhabi. If you are looking for a budget-friendly purchase, we can offer you a great deal at Al-Romaizan Gold & Jewellery.

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