Long Time Effects Of DUI Conviction

Long Time Effects Of DUI Conviction

DUI conviction also expanded as ‘driving under the Influence conviction’ is one of the most common offences committed in many countries, especially the developed ones. A number of drivers convicted for DUI have suddenly found their lives in a confusing tailspin from which they cannot escape for so long. More than what you can imagine, DUI conviction can impact your life severely in many ways. A DUI conviction can haunt your life for several years and undermine your opportunities in personal and professional spheres. Here are a few undesirable consequences of DUI conviction which you will never want in your life.

Revocation of driver’s license

During a DUI conviction, the driver’s license of the offender can be revoked. This can happen for about two years from the date of conviction if the offence has been convicted for the first time in your case. This will affect you from going to work or other needs conveniently. If your position at work involves driving, you might also end up losing your job. Imagine how stressful it could be if you are denied the opportunity to drive your own car. When you have invited DUI conviction, even running simple errands can feel stressful. You will find travelling a real challenge in your life.

According to the Andrew Nickel Law Firm, working with a good DUI lawyer can help you reduce the period of suspension of the driving license. You can also mediate with the law enforcement authorities about non-suspension of the driving license in lieu of some other fine or penalty, whatever they deem fit. However, an individual will not be able to get the same done without his or her attorney helping lead the mediation and negotiation. 

Background checks

Most employers are very keen to conduct background checks before appointing employees. DUI conviction combined with felony or misdemeanour can get reflected in background checks and can thwart the best of your efforts to land on a job. Background checks can also deprive you of your fair chances when you apply for college financial aid, some kinds of admissions, housing applications and others. Landlords are also very keen to perform background checks and your DUI conviction can result in failure to find the place you want to stay in.


A DUI conviction not only impacts your prospects of finding a job. It can also affect your current job. Jail time, court dates and the hours you will have to spend on community service can severely impact your work life schedule. This can put your job at risk. Also, job seekers can find themselves at a severe disadvantage when compared to other candidates who are free from any DUI convictions. Quite a lot of employers are not comfortable hiring employees who are DUI convicted. Though a DUI conviction might not have anything related to the job you are applying for, you will find it a real hurdle to progress. Also, those jobs that will involve the use of vehicles like foods delivery, truck driving, cab driving, catering and others can be closed down for you.

According to leading DWI Lawyer Kim Benjamin, having a charge like this on your record can seriously impair your chances at employment. Many businesses still view a DUI conviction as a sign of irresponsibility and do not want to hire professionals who have exhibited such behaviour in the past. Additionally, even if you are going to start a business and try your hand at self-employment, you would be required to raise funds, get financial help or engage with venture capital funds. Financial lenders will also be wary of working with individuals who have had a past record of a DUI conviction. Working with the best DUI lawyers can help you get your past records expunged.

Rates of auto insurance

The rates of auto insurance are decided by several factors. When you are convicted for a DUI offence, it is most likely that your auto insurance rates will escalate. A DUI conviction can make you branded as a high-risk driver prone to accidents. Hence the rates of insurance can escalate for several years. In fact, some insurance companies can even choose to terminate your coverage.

In case you are convicted for DUI unfortunately, find a suitable DUI Criminal Record Pardon Canada company to speed up the record suspension process and thereby escape its effects.