Chunky Highlights Made A Comeback: Have You Noticed?

Chunky Highlights
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Chunky Highlights were one of the most easily recognizable marks of the person who grew up in the nineties, along with the famous prom hair and French mani that has made quite a comeback in recent times. Now more than ever, people are more inspired by past trends.

More and more celebrities are swapping ultramodern styles of fashion for a more retro feel, and it is then no small wonder that chunky highlights have also decided to come back on the stage. Mix a little past with a little present and you got yourself a hairstyle to die for. 

Celebrities Sport the Look

Ivanka Trump recently took to Instagram to flaunt her chunky blonde highlights. She definitely looked like a stunner. The celebrity was followed by the pop icon Jennifer Lopez, and then Kylie Jenner solidified the trend as part of her summer look. Now, you must keep one thing in mind.

Chunky highlights are not supposed to look good on every person who sports them. Thus, choose your style wisely if you decide to invest in chunky highlights. Point in case, several fans trolled Ivanka for disrespecting the hairstyle itself. 

Celebrities Sport the Look

Remember the most famous celebrity of the nineties and early noughties who rocked the chunky highlights style? Yes, you’re right. It was Kelly Clarkson. The Miss Independent crooner appeared in several events and on the streets with her famous locks, and it never failed to draw signs of admiration from people.

Furthermore, Christina Aguilera, or Xtina as she is known now, was also one of the celeb singers who adopted the chunky highlights as her hairstyle. Now you may have colored your hair in bright orange or blond strips once in hopes of emulating your favorite stars, but in the end, it simply got your hair messy. Worry not; the styles of this age are chicer and more nuanced. 

A Modern Twist

The modern chunky highlights have got several enhancements to give you your money’s worth. As celebrity hair stylist Guy Tang explains, one of the contemporary trends is to keep the highlights towards the front, which frames the face and mirrors the sunlight, which naturally lightens the hair. The best way would be to select a color that is two or three shades lighter than your base color and then ask your stylist to feather them for a flawless transition. 

The early noughties version of chunky highlights was plain and often monotonous. The method was to flat iron any kind of hair into brutal submission and then begin coloring them. Unlike that method, the modern version involves giving you a variety of curls and poufs that will not damage your natural style at all.

A Modern Twist
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Moreover, these highlights work with a variety of textures. There are absolutely no hard stripes, and you can even choose what manner suits your hair the most. Also, whether you go for a more subdued effect or simply decide to adopt the E-girl statement, chunky highlights 2022 got you covered. 

You can go for chunky highlights and lowlights as per your wish, but make sure you choose one that compliments your hair texture and style. Retro styles never go out of style, it seems. Schedule that trip to the stylist today and see what it can get you. 

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1. Are chunky highlights in style in 2022?

Yes several celebs are trying to bring the style back in 2022. 

2. Are chunky highlights in style in 2023?

Yes they are in style in 2023.

3. What is the hottest hair color in 2023?

Red Brown, Mocha, Glossy Mocha, Honey Blondes. 

4. Should highlights be thick or thin?

Highlights should be thin for a more natural look. 

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