Things To Know About Damiano David, A Member Of The Maneskin Rock Band

Damiano David

Damiano David has earned fame and recognition as a famous Italian rock singer, songwriter, and vocalist. In addition, he’s also a social media influencer and entrepreneur from Rome, Italy.

Moreover, we should also add that he is most popular in the country as a member of the one and only Maneskin rock band. Being a member, he is the lead vocalist of the group. Furthermore, it’s also worth adding that he has performed at several music events and stage shows in his career.

Damiano’s rise to stardom comes after he and his band performed in the X-Factor program in the year 2017. So, the rock band has also launched tons of EPs, singles, and studio albums like ll ballo della vita, Chosen, etc.

In 2021, in May, after winning Eurovision song content, Damiano David became the headlines on social media for taking drugs during a live TV broadcast. However, later on, he denied such actions to the media.

So, in this article, we shall take a look at some interesting facts about the man. If you are a fan of Damiano, then it’s worth going through this article. Here, we will share a few details about his life, career, girlfriend, etc.

A Short Bio On Damiano David

The Italian singer, Damiano was born in the year 1999, on 8th Jan, in Rome, Italy. Hence, we can say that as of 2022, he is around 23 years old. Moreover, the sources tell us that he belongs to the Christian religion. As for his zodiac sign, it’s Capricorn.

In his childhood, Damiano went to Montale High school. After completing his studies, he focused on his music. As a stepped into the professional singing career, he met infinite opportunities. Damiano’s hard work and passion earned him the title of a famous singer and vocalist in his country.

Family Details 

As per the sources, Damiano’s family belongs to a mixed ethnical background. Moreover, we have mentioned already that he and his family follow the Christian religion. If you want to know about his family members, then, unfortunately, we don’t have any concrete details to share.

Usually, he doesn’t like to share details about his personal life. However, the sources tell us that his parents are entrepreneurs. On the other hand, it seems that David does have siblings with whom he grew up in Rome. But, he hasn’t shared the names with the media.

Personal Life

If you want to know about his personal life, then let’s provide you with some info. So, from his Instagram posts, it looks like Damiano David is in a relationship with Victoria De Angelis, a member of his Maneskin band. He has shared tons of pictures with Victoria on his official IG account. Previously, he had an affair with Lucrezia Petracca. Some sources also tell us that he also had a thing for Giorgia Solari.

His Career As The Lead Vocalist Of Maneskin, & His Net Worth

Music was the passion for Damiano David from his childhood. So, it’s only natural that he pursued his interest. After completing his high school, he immersed himself in producing and writing music. In fact, he has also participated in a lot of singing content in his school days.

So, his passion for music led him and his friends to form a band in the year 2016. The name of the band is Maneskin, as we know it today. Currently, it has become one of the top rock bands in the music industry with four members including Damiano. The other three members are Victoria De Angelis, Ethan Torchio, and Thomas Raggi. Needless to say, the band has performed in various stage shows and music concerts.

On 24th Nov, Damiano and his friends launched their debut album ‘Chosen’ for the band. After that, he also launched a lot of singles and EPs, like Stato di Natura, ll ballo della vita, etc.

However, it’s worth noting that Damiano and his friends came to prominence after their fabulous performance in the Italian talent show X Factor season 11. As for his net worth, 7-8 million USD.

The Controversy Surrounding Damiano

So, Damiano David was involved in a controversy about taking drugs during Eurovision song content. The sources tell us that the group Maneskin performed in the Eurovision song contents on 22nd May 2021, in Rotterdam, singing ‘Zitti e buoni’.

Due to their excellent performance, they won the contest. However, later on, David was caught on a live video appearing to take a sniff off the table. So, it was thought that he was taking drugs.

However, David denied taking any type of drugs. He said that he bent over the table because someone had a broken glass at his feet. Moreover, the official page of the group also mentioned that no member of the band takes drugs. Furthermore, the drug test report came negative as well, revealing that he hadn’t taken any drugs at the finale.

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