4 Top Marketing Trends To Implement Today

Marketing Trends To Implement Today

No matter the size of your company or marketing department, it is important to stay on top of marketing trends to remain an active and aggressive competitor in your field. If you find that your marketing team is struggling to get their content heard above the noise of a crowded internet landscape, here are four marketing trends that you can implement today.

Skip the Digital Ads

Digital ads are an easy way to get your message seen by the right people, but as more people are beginning to work from home and are spending more time in front of their computer screens, the oversaturation of online advertising is becoming a real problem. People tend to overlook those little ads at the bottom or in the corner of their screens because more often than not, they contain useless information. Eyal Gutentag, a Performance Marketing Leader, knows the importance of utilizing marketing strategies that resonate with your target market, even if it means thinking outside of the box and doing away with things that have been old, reliable marketing staples in the past.

Sell on LinkedIn   

Advertising and selling products on social media is nothing new. However, LinkedIn is a fairly untapped marketplace for many companies. Think about it — almost anyone can create a profile on Facebook or Twitter, which means that you do have more people to market to, but also means that some of the leads are not good ones. LinkedIn is a professional social networking site where people can discuss business and interact with potential new clients. It is also a place where you are very likely to come in contact with the decision-makers of a company, so it is important that you are not skipping this site as part of your marketing strategy.

Send Snail Mail

How many emails do you get every day? Between your personal and business accounts, you are likely overwhelmed with advertisements, spam, and finally, important emails that you actually care about. If you find that your important emails are getting lost in the din of a swamped inbox, you are not alone. People are much more likely to open a hardcopy letter that arrives via snail mail than to spend time reading your marketing emails. Consider sending hand-addressed mailings instead of emails and your sales may increase.

Create Videos

People are busy, and they simply don’t have the time to pore through pages of documentation or help files. If you sell a product that requires setup or has features that may be challenging for users to utilize, create quick videos to give users an easy overview. Your customers will appreciate the effort you have made to make their lives easier, and will likely burden your support team with fewer questions and support tickets as a result.

The marketing landscape is ever-changing, and it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends. If you feel like your company could be doing more to market to customers, follow these simple-to-implement tips and you’ll be a worthy competitor in your field.