5 Best Places to Eat In Launceston Australia

Launceston Australia

Launceston, one of the oldest cities in Australia, has some of the best-preserved antique cityscapes in the country. Being Tasmania’s second major city, Launceston is a vibrant hub for wine, culture, food, and nature; it’s not hard to find a delicious restaurant in Launceston. It’s packed with both city and country charm, excellent food, gorgeous old towns, and beautiful scenery. A short stroll from the city’s CBD, you find Cataract Gorge, a slice of wilderness perched in the heart of the town, and the city’s star natural attraction. With so much to enjoy and explore in Launceston Australia, you may also want to find out more about the best places you can eat while visiting the city. These five places make our list of the best places you can dine and eat while in Launceston.

Josef Chromy Wines

Known as among the best culinary spots in the state, Jose Chromy Wines brings you fresh, local lunch offerings. A trip to Launceston Australia isn’t complete without setting your foot into the cellar door and the accompanying restaurant for a treat. You can have your lunch as you get scenic views of the surrounding landscapes. The beauty of the charming timber cottage environment is made more idyllic by the scenic views of the famed Tamar Valley.

Black Cow Bistro

Taste the crème de la crème of Tasmanian’s meat at the Black Cow Bistro. This restaurant showcases premium free-range, dry-aged, grass-fed, as well as hormone-free Australian beef meat. Each steak delivers a combo of tenderness and flavor. From the hearty Scotch to a delicious piece of Eye fillet to the favorite Rump, you will find all the tastes you desire here.


Nestled on the water inside the walls of a historic flour mill is Stillwater. You can explore a variety of delicious meals here. While Stillwater may lack in scale, meaning they have relatively small portions, they deliver in terms of flavor. You can choose from various snacks, large and small plates, each packed with greatness. And if you don’t want to go by your own choice, you can consider the Chef’s five-course tasting menu that comes with or without a glass of wine. Here, you can sample out what Tasmanian has to offer regarding fine, sumptuous dishes.

Geronimo Aperitivo Bar & Restaurant

Found on the city’s outskirts, Geronimo Aperitivo Bar & Restaurant receives a significant number of guests. The restaurant brings in the European culinary tradition with fresh Tasmanian products on the menu. You will realize that the menus persistently change depending on the season; however, the seafood is great fun. Enjoy a pan-fried octopus, enjoy tasty lentils, and explore the curated beverage menu.

Burger Junkie

Featuring Launceston’s premier burger place, Burger Junkie has plenty of beef choices to explore. You can also enjoy vegetarian dishes, vegan food, and chicken delicacies. You can sate your appetite with potato cakes, hot dogs, wings, onion rings, poutine, French fries, and a variety of sauces on their burger menu.

Launceston Australia packs a punch with its thriving culinary scene. If there is any place where you could find the Tasmanian food specialties showcased in such a beautiful way is Launceston. Visit any of these eateries and restaurants and sample out the delicious menu items they have in store.

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