Notice These Signs of Discrimination in the Workplace

Signs of Discrimination

Every one of us is working to earn a living and meet our daily needs. Whenever you apply for a job or go to work, the last thing you want to be worried about is being discriminated against. Discrimination at the workplace is one of the common issues employers face. 

Discrimination in any form based on gender, color, race, religion, or any factor is a criminal offense. Unfortunately, many employers are caught discriminating against their employees either while hiring or inside the office. Many victims are silent against the discrimination they face in their office out of fear of being terminated and losing their job. 

However, you do not need to be silent and tolerate discrimination by your employer or coworkers. Instead, you can speak to a lawyer from Hayber, McKenna, & Dinsmore to protect your rights and take action against your coworkers/employer. 

Few signs of discrimination in the workplace. 

  • They refuse to hire you because of your color/religion/gender/etc. 

Suppose you go for your interview, your interview goes well, and you meet all the criteria. Still, your employer denies giving you a job, and when you ask them the reason, they do not have any reason. Perhaps, some employers may indirectly tell you that you belong to a certain race, gender, color, or religion which is why they cannot hire you. 

  • You are getting paid less for the same role as your coworker. 

This is another common discrimination practice in the workplace. Employers may favor employee that belongs to the same race or religion as them and pay them a higher salary. You may notice you and the coworker have the same role, but they get paid a higher amount. 

  • Your coworkers or employers casually pass jokes on you. 

One of the common practices is passing causal jokes based on someone’s color, race, religion, gender, or more around the employee. However, these casual jokes can be more than just a ‘joke’ and can be termed harassment if it happens constantly and makes you uncomfortable. 

  • They use slurs or foul language. 

Slurs against the employees and using foul language when speaking are other forms of discrimination. For instance, your coworkers may also joke ‘generally’ or use slurs without targeting you. General offensive comments against a specific community can also be a sign of discrimination. 

  • Unfair treatment because you are pregnant

Women face employer discrimination related to their pregnancy because some employers think they are disadvantaged to their company. Expectant women are treated differently, not being promoted, and sometimes getting fired from their work when employers learn that they are pregnant. For these cases, you can search the internet and type “pregnancy discrimination lawyers near me” to look for an attorney that will fight and protect your rights.

There may be other discrimination signs that you can notice at your workplace. However, if you are unsure if you can take action against your employer or coworkers, speak to a lawyer who can help you understand your legal options.