What Makes Sports Utility Vehicles Special?

What Makes Sports Utility Vehicles Special

Owning a car makes life that little bit easier. While some folks who live in the middle of the city can rely on public transit systems, not everyone has that option. For those in the suburbs, regional or rural areas, a car is an essential requirement of living. From getting to work to doing the shopping to picking up the kids, you need to get from A to B.

In this article, we’re going to look at a particular type of car – sports utility vehicles. We’ll explain the difference between a 7 seater SUV and a sedan, and learn what makes these cars so unique.

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What is a Sports Utility Vehicle?

While a sedan or a hatchback are smaller types of cars, both of which sit lower to the ground, a sports utility vehicle is generally larger. An SUV combines elements of smaller cars with larger four-wheel drives. For example, an SUV will have more ground clearance, sometimes an all-wheel-drive option, more torque, and a larger engine. But, they combine this with the design elements of a smaller car, making them look great. They also sometimes offer more seating, with a wide range of seven and eight-seat models on the market. 

What Makes Them Special?

SUVs are a great choice of car for any stage of life. They also suit any budget, with options ranging from affordable through to luxury. Let’s explore more of why they are fantastic cars.

Storage Space and Cabin Room

An SUV offers improved storage capacity and cabin room when compared to smaller cars. 

More storage space is essential for larger families, meaning you can carry all the kids with all their stuff from place to places, like sports training, parties, and school. You can also fit lots of groceries, and can even carry items of furniture and other bulky goods, depending on the dimensions. 

You’ll also find these vehicles have more cabin room, making them more comfortable for those long road trips. Even the rear passengers have superior legroom when compared to a sedan or hatchback.

Towing Capacity

Most SUVs have a decent towing capacity, meaning that you can tow a trailer or a caravan. A trailer is handy for odd jobs, carrying larger things and even trips to the tip. A caravan is an excellent idea for families who love to getaway to the great outdoors but still like their creature comforts.

Safety and Control

Another reason why SUVs are a unique choice for your car is that they have brilliant safety ratings. This is important as while you may be a safe driver; you can’t guarantee this is the case for everyone else on the road. A high safety rating gives you peace of mind. 

You’ll also feel more in control driving an SUV, due to the increased size and also the higher clearance from the ground. Feeling higher up, and in a larger car, will make you comfortable and alleviate any anxiety you may carry about driving. 

Reliable and Dependable

Modern SUVs represent the pinnacle of automotive engineering. They are reliable, dependable, and often come with extended warranties. This gives you peace of mind about anything going wrong with the engine or performance of the car.

A Car Conclusion

SUVs are exceptional vehicles. We’ve explained above what they are compared to other cars, and detailed some reasons why they are a car of choice. With more storage space, cabin room, towing capacity and safety, and control, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more suitable vehicle. Finally, they are mechanically reliable and dependable.