Winner Sunny Hindustani Indian Idol (2019) Movie Song, Audition

Sunny Hindustani

Sunny Hindustani Biography : To begin with, Sunny Hindustani is a singer in India. He took part in Indian Idol in 11 seasons of the show. His talent in music was clear in his singing and performance. In fact, Sunny Hindustani Indian Idol is the winner of season 11 of the reality show. 

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About Sunny Hindustani 

As stated earlier, he is a famous singer in India. Firstly, he was born in the year 1998. The birthplace of the singer is Amarpura Basti, Bathinda in Punjab, India. Secondly, he is at present 22 years old.

Sunny is Indian by birth and lives in the Northern part of India. He also has three sisters, namely, Rekha, Maya, and Sakina.

  • The early life of Sunny Hindustani 

There is no doubt that Sunny loved music from a young age. But he belongs to a poor family in Bathinda. His parents are Manak Ram, also a singer and Soma. Sunny lost his father in his teens, which caused huge trouble for the family. Later, he started earning and managed all his responsibilities. 

Even more, the difficulties of the family did not affect Sunny’s love for singing. He continued singing and increased his knowledge of singing.

  • Education life of Sunny Hindustani

Coming to the education life of the singer, there is not much to share. He did his basic schooling from a government school in his locality. The singer went to Bathinda’s government Senior Secondary school.

 In school, Sunny was an active student. He participated in several cultural activities. Sunny had to drop out of school after 6th Standard. Later on, he started performing at local functions and celebrations. His singing was the best, and the family appreciated his passion for music. His father gave Sunny a Harmonica and a Tabla

How is the career of Sunny Hindustani? 

In the first place as Sunny left his education too early and started performing. For a long time, Sunny sang songs at local functions to earn money. Soon, his father passed away due to health problems. So, Sunny took more of his job of shoe polishing. 

To sum it up, Sunny worked as a shoe polisher and a singer to make money. He used the money earned for signing and another job for taking care of his family. Later on, his career took an interesting turn. First, in the year 2014, he started his singing career with the song “Akhiyan De Buhe“. TMC Punjabi was the release of the song. 

Then, in the same year, he participated in a Sony television show. It was “Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega“. This was just the beginning of his singing career. Sunny was also a part of a singing reality show called Indian Idol. His participation in the show made his career a successful one. 

Role of Sunny Hindustani in Indian Idol:

 Indian Idol is one of the famous reality television shows in India. The show focuses on offering an opportunity for people to show their singing talents. In the year 2019, Sunny took part in the 11th season of Indian Idol reality show

Sunny Hindustani

After an audition for the first round, he earned the love of Judges and became the part of the main group. Sunny earned the love of Judges and the audience with his singing. Finally, Sunny was the winner of Indian Idol season 11

He won the most audience vote in the finale episode of the reality show. Sunny won a trophy and a cash prize of 25 Lakhs. Moreover, he went on to win a car and a contract with T-series

Few facts of Sunny Hindustani:

  1. The first fact about Sunny Hindustani is that he was born in a small town in Punjab. He is also currently living in the same place.
  2. The second fact on Sunny is that he is the unique contestant on Indian Idol. Actually, in the selection round the judges directly gave him a pass to the theatre round. He received a Golden Mic from the judges of Indian Idol.
  3. The third fact of Sunny is that he got the talent of music from his father. Also, his grandmother was a singer like Sunny and his father.
  4. The fourth fact of Sunny is that his favourite actor is Salman Khan. He also likes Katrina Kaif and Tiger movie along with Dal Bati food.
  5. The fifth fact of Sunny is he has no social media appearance. He doesn’t have Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. 
  6. The final fact of Sunny is that he is a fan of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. He loves listening to all the songs of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Bottom Line: 

In short Sunny Hindustani is one of the famous singers in India. He is pretty young, yet he is famous in the industry. Sunny has a long way to go in his career.