How to Download Videos from YouTube Easily in 2020

Download Videos from YouTube

We all love watching videos on YouTube and we have always wished if we could keep the songs playing even after closing the app. However, YouTube hasn’t rolled out its feature but if you like some video too much, you can easily download it in your phone. Yes, now you can easily download the YouTube videos because in this article, we have added different methods to do so. Have a look!

Download Videos from YouTube

Here is updated guide to download videos from YouTube


This method will work on Linux devices along with Windows, and Macbook by Apple. This platform has been designed to help people download the YouTube videos and Buying  Youtube Views . So, let’s follow the below-mentioned steps and in no time, you will have the YouTube video downloaded in your device!

  • Open the SConverter
  • Copy the link of the video that you want to download from YouTube 
  • At the top of the SConverter page, paste the URL link in the box and click on the download button 
  • There will be a popup related to Java and as soon as it appears, click on the allow or run button
  • Choose the formats from the list that you prefer
  • Once your choose the format, the video will start downloading

4K Video Downloader

This method is applicable on Apple Macbook and PC with Windows operating system. To use this platform for downloading the YouTube videos in your device, we have added the essential steps in the section below;

  • Download 4K Video Downloader and install it 
  • You can install the app by double clicking on the setup 
  • Click on yes and follow the directions
  • Now, open YouTube and go to the video that you want to download 
  • Play the video and copy its location 
  • Open the downloader and paste the link at the top of window 
  • Also, the URL will be saved and you will need to choose the video format 
  • Choose the video quality from the drop down box 
  • Click on the download button 
  • The video will start downloading 

VLC Player

This method will work for Linux devices as well as the Apple Macbook and Windows PC. We all have used the VLC player at some point of their life and it’s an open-source video player. You must have watched your favorite videos on VLC player but today, you can even download the videos from YouTube. So, let’s start following the steps mentioned in the bullets below!

  • Open the video on YouTube that you want to download and copy its link
  • At the top of the address bar, and paste the video location which will automatically copy the URL 
  • Open the VLC 
  • Click on media and go to open network stream 
  • Paste the URL in the box and play the video 
  • Click on play or open button 
  • Copy the link from the bottom through the codec information from the tools 
  • Past this URL and click on the enter button
  • Now, download the video and save it anywhere you want!