Top 7 Full Spectrum CBD Gummies You Should Buy in 2022

CBD Gummies
Photo by Evie Fjord on Unsplash

Millions of people around the world use CBD to help them deal with various bodily ailments and other conditions like anxiety, stress, depression and others. Although CBD is still not fully approved for use as a medicine by the US FDA, it is not declared illegal either. This is because the law says that people have a right to choose their own medicine and they have a choice of either treating themselves with traditional medicines or alternative medicines. But the US Farm bill has legalized hemp and so deriving CBD from hemp is legal.

You can also buy full spectrum CBD gummies online too and you will get the same authentic product as if you are buying from a store.

Here are top 12 full spectrum CBD+THC gummies you can try out in 2022:

1.CBDfx Gummy Bears: CBDfx gummies are actually a mixed berry flavor of gummies and they are all made using all natural ingredients. They are sourced only from originally grown gmo free hemp in the United States. The company has also not added any artificial sweeteners or corn syrup which contains a higher quantity of fructose. Each of the gummies contain 25 milligrams (mg) of CBD each. Also in case you were wondering, these cbd gummies are also completely vegan safe and hence suitable for a wide variety of users. You can full buy this cbd gummies online too.

2. cbdMD CBD Gummies: You can choose from multiple flavors of these CBD gummies. These are available in strawberry, orange, raspberry and tropical fruit flavors. If you are someone who prefers a lower dosage then you would be delighted to know that each of these gummies contain approximately 25 mg of CBD and if you need further lower dosage count then they are also offered in 10 mg gummies too. For user’s safety and health reasons the company has also made all its gummies gluten free and used pectin instead of gelatin. They are also vegan friendly.

3. FAB CBD Chews: These CBD gummies are made from CBD isolate and are also vegan friendly. They are made only using non-gmo and organic quality hemp, so if you are buying them then you can be rest assured that you are making a safe choice. But if you have any allergy from wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, pistachios and cashews then you should refrain from buying them as they are packed in a warehouse where these other products are handled. Also most notable reviewers say that these CBD gummies have no aftertaste hence all the more suitable.

4. Charlotte’s Web Daily Wellness CBD Gummies: These cbd gummies by charlotte’s are raspberry lime-flavored and are made without dyes or additives. The company believes in making their products in the most transparent way possible hence on their website people can actually check live about exactly how their products are made. The products are priced very reasonably too when compared with other brands and they also run an amazing discount scheme for veterans.

5. Bluebird Botanicals CBD Gummies: Each bottle of bluebird botanicals CBD gummies include cbds of either lemon, strawberry and watermelon. All the cbd gummies are made using sustainable and organic cane sugar and are certified to be free of artificial ingredients or fillers. Unlike some cbd gummies there is no bitter after taste.

6. Sunday Scaries Unicorn Jerky CBD Candy: These are bite sized, sugar coated, rainbow shaped candy like cbd gummies which contain approximately 10 mg of CBD. Each cbd gummy is of tutti-fruity flavor and the company has also added a little bit of coconut oil to make them chewy. In case you want a tangy flavored cbd gummy which can bring a sense of joyfulness in your experience then you should definitely try this out. The brand also promised to donate a part of each purchase to the trevor project.

7. Green Gorilla Organic CBD Gummies: These are plant based cbd gummies which are made with CBD isolates and are a good choice for people who wish to get a lower concentration of CBD or those who want to start their CBD journey a little bit slowly. All their cbd gummies are non-gmo, nut and soybean free and are only made using organic oils. You get a choice of three flavors i.e. wild berry, gorilla berry and strawberry.


There are many wider varieties of cbd gummies available online and in store. You can choose to buy cbd gummies online for a more convenient shopping experience.