Incest Mom Rapes Son On Their Bed And Warns Him To Not To Tell Anyone For ‘Accepting’ It

Incest Mom Rapes Son On

A mother is someone who always takes care of their child no matter what the circumstances are. However, a couple of years ago the internet world had witnessed a mom rapes son. So, yes, it’s an absolutely horrifying and deplorable act. As per the reports, a mother had stripped her 12-year-old son and thereafter raped him on their bed. What’s more interesting is, she told him not to tell anybody because he ‘accepted’ it. 

This heinous act has certainly made people furious. We know that a mother-son relationship is a sacred one and such incestual behaviour in this 21st century is abnormal. So, if you want to know more about this mom rapes son news, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will provide you with more details on this matter. Moreover, we will also give you an update on this matter like what happened to that mother afterward. 

What Happened To The 12 Year Old Boy?

Well, as per the reports, this incident took place in Texas. There, a woman, whose name is Brinatty Rouleau raped her son. The 34-year-old mother sexually assaulted her son and thereafter the police arrested her. So, as per the reports, the boy said that her mother attacked him at their Wichita Falls Home in the year 2018. 

Naturally, this mom rapes son incident sparked a lot of debates. In fact, people also spoke at lengths on this matter on their social media pages. Moreover, we had also seen this incident in the news feed as a trending topic. 

How Did It Happen?

So, do you want to know more about this mom rapes son affair that took place in the year 2018? Well, the son who was studying at 6th standard that time said that that incident took place after his mother started asking him questions about masturbation. He said that he was getting undressed and then his mother asked him those questions about masturbation. 

Moreover, he added that he had just gotten out of the shower and was sitting on the bed. So, he and his mother shared that bed. Thereafter, his mother came in, and then she had begun to take her clothes off. 

Furthermore, he said that her mother told him to strip his clothes and go to the bed. Thereafter, she raped him and told him to ‘go clean yourself.’ Naturally, this whole incident shocked the poor kid. So, he just slept on the couch and told his mother that it felt so wrong. In return, his mother said, “well, you can get in trouble because you accepted it. In fact, she even accused him and told him strictly not to tell anybody. 

How Did It Come To The Notice Of The Police

Well, the kid couldn’t tell anyone as his mother threatened him. However, it wasn’t until two years later that he opened up about the matter to his guardian, who later on, brought this matter of ‘mom rapes son’ to the police. 

So, the son repeated the allegations at Patsy’s House Child Advocacy Centre. Thereafter, the police arrested the incestuous mother. 

Initially, she denied her forced sexual assault on her son. However, gradually she did confess her crimes before the police and therefore they arrested her. In fact, there are also reports that she admitted to a neighbour that she has slept with her son.