Buying a Mobile Home in Colorado

Buying a Mobile Home in Colorado

If you are looking for a mobile or manufactured home in the country’s second-fastest-growing state, then you are in luck. The mobile home market is alive and well in Colorado. Furthermore, Colorado has a thriving economy, a healthy work-life balance, amazing employment opportunities, endless entertainment options, and more. In terms of real estate, home values are definitely reasonable. Looking specifically at the mobile/manufactured home market in Colorado, there are a number of mobile homes available and over 300 manufactured home communities (44 age-restricted parks and roughly 302 all-age communities) to speak of here.

Moreover, despite all the current uncertainty, the Colorado real estate market has bounced back in the face of a global pandemic and shows no signs of slowing down. Thus, it is safe to say, now is a great time to look into your mobile housing options in this particular state. With that said, if this is your first time looking into this specific market or you are a first-time mobile home buyer, you are probably curious about how the mobile home buying process works. Well, the good news is you have come to the right place. Here is a quick overview of the mobile/manufactured home purchasing process in Colorado.

Buying a Mobile Home in Colorado

Colorado is yet another wonderful place to put down some roots. Over 5.5 million people call this state home, and manufactured housing has never been more affordable here. In fact, many manufactured residences start in the low $50,000s and go up from there. As a result, however,  there are a limited number of mobile homes for sale in the entire state. So, if you truly have your heart set on moving to this mountainous recreational playground, then you may want to consider building a new manufactured residence or relocating your current mobile home to newly acquired land here.

That said, there are approximately 600 or so mobile residences on the market right now, which can be a good thing depending on how you choose to look at it. For instance, with only 600 available manufactured homes for sale, the one thing you can count on is that your search will not be too labor-intensive if you decide to go ahead with purchasing a new, used, or existing mobile/manufactured residence.


Furthermore, if you already have your city or desired locale in mind, then narrowing down your options becomes even easier. For example, cities such as Aurora (58 mobile homes), Boulder (60 manufactured/mobile homes), Beulah (42 mobile residences), and Denver (85 mobile houses) all have a somewhat dense selection of residences to choose from—making any of these cities ideal locations. Even if you know exactly where you need to look, the limited number of manufactured or mobile homes for sale means your search will not be cumbersome.

Nevertheless, most people that do choose to move to Colorado tend to end up in Boulder or Denver. Consequently, a quick online search for these two cities alone will yield you approximately 145 mobile residences for sale. As a result, all you need to do is focus on the manufactured homes that meet your needs, do not exceed your budget, and come equipped with your particular desired amenities. Of course, it never hurts to contact the Rocky Mountain Home Association or MHVillage to get a clearer picture of your current mobile housing options.


Buying the mobile home, you have always dreamt of in Colorado, is practically identical to purchasing a manufactured/mobile residence anywhere. Thus, you need to figure out what you are looking for exactly—new, used, single or double-wide, a home located in a mobile home park, or possibly a mobile home land package? Once you are clear on all of those things and you have at least 3-5 manufactured homes to see, then it is time to pick the best financing option for you and your needs. 

Surprisingly, there are almost 20 well-know manufactured and modular home lenders that service the Colorado area. Consequently, lender financing is a little easier to come by here than it is in most other states. In addition to lender financing, mobile home communities in Colorado also offer in-house financing and great deals. Thus, securing funds for your new manufactured or mobile residence should not be too difficult. Obviously, once you have obtained the necessary financing, then you can move forward with buying your new, used, or pre-existing home. Note, land is slightly more affordable in Colorado; thus, you may want to check out properties for sale in the area.


Lastly, closing on your Colorado mobile/manufactured home should be fairly straight forward. Like other states, you can expect to do a title search, receive a bill of sale, obtain an unsecured promissory note, pick a closing location, and deal with any specifics that are unique to your particular transaction. Possible transaction-specific items that might arise include a personal property trust and more.

In regard to transferring manufactured or mobile home titles, there are several things that either the buyer or seller must do, including acquiring an Authentication/Certification of Manufactured Home Tax form. Clearly, this tax declaration form needs to be completed, and you need to apply for a new title with the DMV. Upon approval of your application, you can then concern yourself with the Manufactured Statement of Origin (MSO). Here, the buyer is required to complete this form.

Evidently, these are just a few items to keep in mind when you are closing on your new mobile residence. Thus, if you are looking to transfer a manufactured home title in Colorado, make sure you read up on any particular limitations or regulations that vary from your home state. Finally, speaking of rules and regulations, if you are purchasing a manufactured/mobile home in a modular home park then, both the seller and buyer need to review the park/community requirements. 

Other Related Paperwork

Though Colorado has a few caveats when it comes to closing/transferring the title, for the most part, the overall process is comparable to most other states. So, you should be able to find, purchase, and settle in as soon as possible. Of course, you need to make sure you cross all your T’s and dot your I’s for all of these things to go off without a hitch. In other words, make sure that any related paperwork or required documentation, you may need at the time of closing, you have. For the most part, this means having a copy of your driver’s license, proof of homeowners insurance and title insurance. Colorado is also another state that requires you to register your mobile/manufactured home, so make sure you take care of that sooner rather than later.

Final Note

Purchasing a mobile or manufactured home is a big deal in any state. But in Colorado, you need to be thoroughly prepared for market changes, new regulations, and limited mobile housing options in your desired location. Therefore, in order to come out ahead and still find the mobile/manufactured home of your dreams, it is highly recommended that you work with the necessary professionals—an experienced real estate agent, a closing agent or attorney, local retailers, lenders, and so on. If you are looking to move to Colorado immediately, there is no reason not to contact the professionals. Doing so will streamline the entire process and ensure that you are able to find what you are looking for.

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