How to Use SEO for Brand Building

SEO for Brand Building

Your business’s brand and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies shouldn’t be competing with one another. In fact, they are most effective when combined into one comprehensive marketing plan.

SEO strategies won’t turn your business around overnight. But with the right focus and efforts, you can build your brand into a formidable business. If you aren’t using SEO to build your brand, then you’re missing out!

Here are easy tips for growing your brand’s awareness using SEO.

Branded Keywords Boost Your Ranking

When your brand name becomes a popular search term, this can lead to Google associating your brand with non-branded keywords.

To put it simply, a branded search is any time someone searches only for your business’ name or something close to it. This is usually someone who knows who you are and is searching for your site or the products you sell.

With enough branded searches, your business can grow through people searching keywords that relate to your business. For example, if your brand name is Stellar Snowboards and a lot of people are searching for you because they like your boards. Google may begin to associate your business’ brand name with other related search terms such as bindings, boots, snowboard gear, etc., as an example.

This will improve your site’s ranking in search results.

How to Increase Branded Searches

You may be thinking, having more branded searches sounds great! But how do I do it? There are a few techniques you can use on your own but the fastest way to get results is through these SEO packages.

On your own, you can create content that includes your brand name with other competitor’s branded keywords. For example, you can write an article that compares your product with a similar product of another brand name. 

You may also create videos and social media posts where you are noting the pros and cons of different products. This will help you promote your products to your competitors’ customers.

Link Building in Your Niche

Another way to improve your brand’s awareness and grow traffic on your website is through link building. This is done by having your website’s links added to other popular websites.

Of course, you can’t do this without the website owner’s permission. So why would they add your link to their page? The answer is by adding value to their site. 

One way to do this is by finding broken links on an authority website page. It should be a popular website that relates to your business’ niche. Contact the website and inform them of their broken link. Then, suggest replacing the broken link with a link to a relevant page on your website.

This is an inexpensive way to build links to your site. Keep in mind there are link schemes you should avoid.

Brand Building on Social Media

You can’t build a trustworthy brand that people want to search for without having an active social media platform. If you’re overwhelmed by the many options, simply choose one that is most related to your content and demographic. 

For example, LinkedIn is a great option for B2B businesses. Facebook provides you with a wide range of content options including video, images, and text. Instagram has a younger demographic and is great for displaying quality imagery.

Gaining popularity on social media will also improve your SEO ranking.

Brand Building with SEO

Now that you know some ways to use SEO for brand building, it’s time to get started on increasing your brand awareness. 

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