How to Use Pinterest to Take the Stress Out of Holiday Gifting

How to Use Pinterest to Take the Stress Out of Holiday Gifting

Most people spend their valuable time on Pinterest to get the best gift ideas for their loved ones.  Using Pinterest will make things easy for yourself and others who purchase your presents. Its goal is to assist users or pinners in discovering new inspirations and ideas.

The more you connect here, the more opportunities you will have to find inspiration and ideas. Many creators share their ideas on Pinterest. The more is the number of followers, the better it is for your account, and so to enhance your Pinterest growth by PinGrowth and achieve more effective outcomes. Let’s know how Pinterest assists in taking out the stress of holiday gifting.

Method 1: Use Rich Pins and Get Product Details

Pinterest offers four different types of rich pins that include information from your site and other sources into your pin. There are pins for apps, products, recipes, and articles. Product pins seem to be the most significant sort of a rich pin for holiday gifting since they include real-time price, product offerings, and your website URL.

Method 2: Create a Pinterest Board

Create a hidden board on your Pinterest profile. Next, create sub-boards for each individual you need to purchase holiday gifts on the board. Whenever you find something that you believe is appreciable or come across one of the kinds of stuff for gifting, add the website link to the Pinterest board.

You can purchase the gifts online on a future date whenever you need them to present. So, what exactly should you do to create a board? It’s simple to make the board, and here’s how to create it:

  • Tap on your username in the top right corner of the Pinterest homepage.
  • You will see that a drop-down menu will pop up. You need to select the “Your Boards” option from the drop-down menu.
  • When you arrive at the next step, it will display all the boards you have made.
  • Lastly, click on the “Create a new board” option.

Method 3: You May Use Pinterest’s Group Board as Your Wishlist

People enjoy surprises, but it can be difficult to know what to give as a present at times. It is preferable to ask the individual to whom you are giving the present and learn about their interests. Group Boards are a wonderful way for your friends, family, or co-workers to assemble and discuss the things you genuinely desire. Using the new responses feature, you may build sections for every person and seek feedback on current ideas. Here is the simple and easy stepwise solution for creating a group board and inviting friends and families:

  • First, navigate your Pinterest profile and create a new board or choose an existing board.
  • Then, select the “Invite” option and continue.
  • Now, search using your first name and last name, email address, or username.
  • Next, hit on the “Invite” option, besides the individuals’ names you wish to add as participants.

With this, Pinterest sends out your invitations to your contacts through email or text message. To offer an invite from Pinterest, select “Copy URL.” After clicking on this link, your contacts will be able to accept or refuse the invitation.


Pinterest is the best platform to share innovative ideas of presenting gifts. Use the approaches mentioned above and make your gifting as simple as it can be.