Common Newborn Colic Home Remedies That Will Surely Help Your Baby

Newborn Colic Home Remedies

When your baby cries, as a parent you want to help out as soon as possible. After all, no parent can stand when their little bundle of joy is crying its heart loud. So, when the baby has colic, it can be tough for a parent to help. Of course, you have common and popular newborn colic home remedies that are still used today. Keep reading to know more about it.

All you need to know about colic

Perhaps, you may be wondering what colic is all about. Well, it is a condition when a healthy baby cries for a long period of time. Of course, newborns get fussy from time to time. However, when a baby cries for a long time, then it may have colic. However, this is not a serious disease that parents should fear. In fact, on its own, it goes away.

Newborn Colic

On the other hand, there is no definite reason why this happens. Still, many healthcare professionals believe that this may be due to digestive problems or formula milk. Also, there are chances that gas in babies cause this.

But, the good news is that you can treat this using simple and common home remedies. That’s right, below are some of the colic home remedies that you can try when your baby cries because of colic.

Drinking warm water

Well, don’t let the simplicity of this method fool you into thinking that it might not work. In fact, drinking warm water can remove the gas in the stomach which makes the baby colicky. Also, try to burp your baby.

warm water


Obviously, you must have heard about it because it has been around for ages for its medicinal value. Well, just use 2 pinches of this powder in warm water. Next, over the navel region of the baby, rub the mix. And, wait for it to work.


Since hing is good for all stomach problems, you can use it for your baby. That’s right, whether it’s for bowel movements or stomach aches, this is another good solution for you to try.


Another amazing home remedy for colic is using garlic. But, you cannot use it as it is for your baby. However, you can rub the garlic on the stomach of the baby to remove the gas. Furthermore, some nutmeg along with garlic can help also.

Mustard oil

Well, you can say that time tested method for a colicky baby is a mustard oil massage. That’s right, just give a good massage to the baby using warm mustard oil. Next, in warm water, bathe the baby. As you know, blood circulation improves when you give a warm bath. In turn, this helps to remove the gases present in the stomach. Also, you can try this with garlic when massaging the baby.

Warm water bath

Surely, you know that this is the best way to put the baby to sleep. But, there is more to this one. That’s right, you can help to relieve the colic by giving a warm water bath.

Warm water bath

The above are the commonly used newborn colic home remedies to help the baby. So, next time you see your baby crying without a stop, try these out. But, if you feel that it’s not working, make sure to see a doctor.

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