Brighten your Workspace with Indoor Office Plants

Brighten your Workspace with Indoor Office Plants

More and more attention is being paid to how work environments affect employees. A happy workplace leads to more productive employees. One simple way to spruce up your business is with Indoor Office Plants. The compounding data on the benefits of a planted office have led to this option becoming a necessity for businesses looking to get the most out of their workforce.

Plants make office spaces come to life. The benefits of greenery in the workplace are countless. Modern office spaces are tightly isolated from the outside world. While this helps HVAC efficiency, it often leaves employees feeling the reality that they are closed inside of a building surrounded by only manmade materials. The presence of plants not only helps the aesthetics of your office space but will also do wonders for your employees.

A natural touch can really make your office space pop and help increase your productivity. It’s also been shown that plants help decrease stress in employees. The fact that employees have something living to passively observe provides comfort. This comfortable environment makes the office a place where your staff will be happy to work. Well-positioned plants also help to naturally reduce noise pollution, allowing employees to focus on their tasks.

On top of lowering stress, there is also evidence that indoor office plants lower absence and illness. A planted office space provides cleaner air for employees. HVAC systems distribute air throughout office buildings, and that means your employees are constantly being exposed to air contaminants from throughout the building. Plants help filter the air and lower the risk of sickness as well as exposure to the many mild air contaminants given off by paints, plastics, and other man-made materials.

Plants also maintain your office’s humidity. In dry office environments, plants evaporate water and keep the air moist. When the office is humid, plants do not add significant moisture to the air. When the air is too dry, employees are more susceptible to cold and flu. By keeping plants in your office, you can help avoid losing employee time to these ailments.

The best part of a planted workspace? Not only do plants make your employees comfortable and healthier, but they also make your office more attractive. If your business has clients visiting or potential employees interviewing on site, a well-planted office portrays your business as a warm and inviting one. They say that first impressions matter and Plantscapes USA wants to ensure your business makes an amazing first impression every time someone steps through your doors.

At Plantscapes USA, we offer plantscaping services to businesses in the greater Philadelphia area. We will work with you to create and install the perfect plantscape for your office. We will regularly maintain these indoor plants to keep your space bright and alive all year. We also offer services to maintain your existing plantscape and take over the chore of keeping your office plants healthy.

One of our plant experts will visit your business two to four times a month to ensure all your plants are healthy, fertilized, and pruned. During these visits, we will replace any ailing plants free of charge and will ensure all plants add to the environment of your office. We are an all in one service dedicated to making your work environment a lush and healthy one.

No matter the size of your business, we can work with you to bring life into your work environment. Our full-service maintenance means that once you hire Plantscapes USA, you can reap the benefits of a gorgeous workspace without the headache of dealing with dying plants. Let our experts help you find the indoor office plants to help enhance your workplace and your employees’ productivity.

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