Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers – Finding The Best Fit

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers

While the atmosphere is composed of various gases in different proportions, oxygen is what humans need mostly for respiration. The atmosphere comprises 21% of oxygen. That percentage of oxygen is what keeps us alive on earth. But, scientists and researchers have discovered that purer oxygen is better. That submission triggered the hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT many years ago.

More people are becoming aware of HBOT and its usefulness today. Are you among those that want to know a thing or two about HBOTs? When looking for the right HBOT chamber, you must consider many factors. Everything will be discussed in this post.

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What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

First, understand that HBOT is not new because it has been around for decades. HBOT is an oxygen-based therapy that helps to ensure a healthier lifestyle. Unlike other fitness routines, you mustn’t hire a coach or fitness expert to put you through HBOT. All you need to do is to enter the high-pressure machine and inhale pure oxygen. The moment the oxygen reacts with your blood, you start feeling good. The result is almost instantaneous.

As earlier stated, when choosing an HBOT unit for yourself, you should consider some factors. Let’s look at some of those factors below.

Home Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers

Hyperbaric chambers exist in various designs and models. Some HBOT chambers are designed for residential use, while others are meant to be used in other environments. Home HBOT chambers have become the latest trend today. Many celebrities have them installed in their homes.

Do you seek an HBOT hyperbaric chamber you can conveniently use in your home? OxyHelp is where you can find such. OxyHelp delivers and installs both monoplace and multiplace HBOT chambers. Carefully observe both chambers to know which one is best for you.

Health Facilities

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers are gradually finding their way to different health facilities worldwide. They are built for individuals and can be used in hospitals and other health facilities. So, if you run a health facility that could use an HBOT chamber, check online for brands that do such deliveries.

OxyHelp does not specialize in such products, though. You can find hyperbaric chambers suitable for your needs, from fitness centers to spas. One more thing – make sure you are buying from a well-known brand in the market.

For Treatment or Well-being?

The above is another factor you should consider when choosing a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Some people buy it for treatment, whereas others purchase it to help them stay fit. First, you need to decide why you are purchasing the machine.

The good thing is that you can use it for treatment and to stay fit. OxyHelp chambers are designed to serve both purposes optimally. Intimating yourself with the features of an HBOT unit before buying is also essential. That will help you decide on the HBOT that can serve you better.

Monoplace HBOT Chambers

Monoplace HBOT chambers are getting all the attention today because of their sleek designs and efficacy. It is meant for one individual at a time. Two people cannot enter the unit at the same time. People who prefer to relax on their own would appreciate monoplace HBOT chambers. This unit can be safely used by people of all ages, including kids and seniors.

Claustrophobic people can also use monoplace chambers. They are currently designed with clear acrylic to give the user a sense of what is happening around their environment.

Multiplace HBOT Chambers

Multiplace in this context is simply the opposite of monoplace. Multiplace chambers can accommodate more than one person at a time. If you prefer someone to be inside the HBOT chamber with you for obvious reasons, the multiplace type is your best bet. Of course, the multiplace chambers are more expensive than their monoplace counterpart.

At OxyHelp, be sure to find the finest monoplace and multiplace hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers. They are designed with user-friendly features.

Consider Pressure

Standard hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers have a space pressurized at a maximum of 3ATM. Unfortunately, some HBOT chambers are designed to produce extremely high pressures, which is bad for users. That can affect the user negatively.

That is why you need to consider pressure before buying a hyperbaric chamber. HBOT chambers with pressure settings are great too. That will enable the user to adjust the pressure settings to suit their bodies.

OxyHelp chambers function at a maximum pressure that is twice or three times the atmospheric pressure value. So, when using an OxyHelp unit, pressure is the last thing to worry about.


This is a no-brainer. Different HBOT chambers vary in terms of cost. OxyHelp chambers stock different chambers at various rates. They are all top-notch chambers, but with a variety of features. As you would expect, the chambers with more advanced features are the most expensive. Look at your budget very well before making a decision. It should also be noted that the cheapest chambers may not be the best. Some manufacturers hide behind low costs to sell inferior chambers to users. Try to ensure you are getting the best units at the cheapest rate.

Good for Other Things

OxyHelp HBOT chambers are designed to accommodate users and allow them to work if they want to. There are options for you to use your laptop and smartphone if you work from home. The oxygen chambers are not just for health purposes. You can use it as a healthy working environment. That way, you can be sure of getting the best of both worlds – work and health.


Hyperbaric chambers are numerous in the market today. However, you need to be careful when you are buying one. That is because accepting a chamber that does not meet your need will amount to a waste of your time and resources. The tips explained above can help you make the right decision in this regard.

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