How to Prepare a Hoarding House To Sell

Hoarding House

Are you looking for ways to sell the home that has been taken over by a hoarder for far too long? Do you need a way to get that property off of your hands? If so, then you need to learn about how to prepare a hoarding house for selling.

Doing so can help you rid yourself of the aches and pains associated with things such as renovations, pest control, alarms, airborne diseases, and so on. 

See below for an in-depth guide on how you can prepare a hoarding house to sell and get the maximum return for your investment.

What Is a Hoarder?

Perhaps you aren’t sure if your previous tenants qualify as a hoarder. Maybe you aren’t sure how severe the clutter is compared to others. Most people understand the idea of a hoarder, but few know the technical definition of it.

A hoarder is someone with a disorder (hoarding disorder) and the tendency to excessively save and stockpile any items that they come around. Whether the item is necessary or unnecessary, they hold on to them as if their life depended on it.

You might be surprised to find out that there are actually 5 different levels of hoarding. These different levels can help you pinpoint the severity of your tenant’s hoarding. 

For example, if there are a light pet odor and some pet waste around the floor, then you’re likely dealing with a level 2 hoarder, who is aware of their issue but can’t seem to right the ship.

No matter what level of hoarding you’re dealing with, it can do serious damage to the property. The excess of junk will invite vermin to live in your house, as well as other pests such as cockroaches, ants, and even snakes in some cases. Needless to say, it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

How to Prepare a Hoarding House to Sell

It might seem as if the odds are stacked against you, here. Stepping into the house for the first time to prepare it for sale can be demoralizing, but remember, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel! See below for the steps you can take to sell your hoarding house.

  1. The Big Three

First things first, you have to get rid of all of the clutter that’s in and around the property. Start by going through the entire house and choosing to do one of “the big three”—donate, throw away, or sell—for each item in the house.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Embrace the fact that it might take you a few days to get through all of the clutter and thoroughly clean the place. 

Here’s our suggestion when decluttering a hoarder’s old house: have the assumption that you’ll throw most items away. Grab a notepad and pen and draw a line down the middle. Write “Donate” on one side, then “Sell” on the other. If any item falls under one of these two actions, write it down. If not, then throw it away.

  1. Maintain a Positive Mindset

As we mentioned earlier, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the mammoth of clutter in your property. The important thing is keeping a positive mindset.

Someone out there would be lucky to call it their home, all it needs is a bit of fixing up. You might not even have to be the one to make those fixes, but more on that in a minute!

Instead of feeling defeated, focus on the positive aspects of your home. It still has amenities. It still has features that people find desirable. Your tenant’s hoarding is just a minor setback. 

If you’re going to sell the traditional way, then there are a lot of renovations that will likely need to be made. It might be advantageous to hire a home inspector to get out in front of some of the most pressing issues, that way these don’t pop up when you’re trying to close on a sale.

The traditional route isn’t the most ideal method for selling a hoarding house. It will cost too much to repair on your end. Instead, you should consider an alternative route…

  1. Sell to a Cash Buyer

Cash buyers can be a saving grace for those of you that are trying to sell a hoarding house. They buy the home as-is, which means you don’t have to do any extra renovations or remodels on your end. They’ll take care of it all.

Rather than spending thousands of dollars on repairs and decluttering to make the house presentable, you can receive an offer from a cash buyer who will take it off your hands.

The process is easy. Simply find a reputable cash buyer in your area, fill out the information on their site about your property, tell them about your situation, then receive an offer. From there, you can either decide to take the offer or walk away, no strings attached.

Be sure to read this article to learn how to sell a hoarder house here and find a reputable cash buyer in your neck of the woods.

Sell Your Hoarding House Today

Now that you have seen a guide on what a hoarder is and how to sell your hoarding house right away, be sure to use this information to your advantage.

Start by assessing the situation. If you’re dealing with a level 1 or level 2 hoarder, then the house is still in relatively good condition and minimal repairs may be necessary.

Be sure to browse our website for more articles on how to sell your hoarder’s house, as well as many other topics that you will find helpful.