Everything You Will Need To Start Out As A Landlord

Landlord insurance

Becoming a landlord may appear from the outside, but there is a lot you need to do before you can rent out one of your properties to someone else. The first and most difficult step is saving up enough money to buy another property; however, there is a list of other tasks you need to complete before you become a landlord. Some of these tasks aren’t as obvious as you may have thought, so let’s look at everything you will need to do when starting out as a landlord.

Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance acts the same as home insurance, only this type of policy extends to cover the property that you are renting. This means that insurance for landlords will cover you in case of fire damage or theft, but it will also help you recover any financial losses that occur because of your rental agreement. This means that you are financially covered should your current tenants refuse to pay their rent.

Tenant References

A tenant reference can be provided by your prospective tenant’s previous landlord if they had one. This reference will determine what type of tenant they have been in the past. This means that you can find out whether your next tenants are financially reliable, are noisy, or if they are likely to cause any other kind of disturbance. This tenant reference ensures that the person understands the rules surrounding your rental property and that you can put your trust in them as your tenants. You may also be asked to provide a similar reference if your current tenants move on to another rented property.

Right To Rent Checks

A right to rent check simply ensures that your new tenants have the legal right to rent property in your country. These laws will work in tandem with your country’s current immigration policies and requires potential landlords to check passports, visas, or potential rental history before letting property to a new tenant. These checks rarely turn up anything, but it is still required by law for landlords to perform a right-to-rent check.

Safety Checks

For the most part, landlords are responsible for the safety of their tenants while they reside in your property. This means that you must perform the relevant safety checks. This means that you must make gas safety checks, install smoke alarms, ensure that all furniture in the property meets furniture regulations, and survey the property for anything that may damage your tenant’s health, like mold. Failing to carry out these checks could result in your current tenant agreement becoming void or place you in legal trouble, regardless of your landlord’s insurance policies.


These are just some of the most important things you need in place before you start letting out a property as a landlord. These stipulations are in place to protect your future tenants and you as a landlord. Therefore it is important that you research everything you need in place to become a landlord.

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