Matunuck Oyster Bar Reservations – Everything To Know About Rhode Island

Matunuck Oyster Bar

Matunuck oyster bar is one of those places where you can enjoy nice oysters at an affordable range. If you travel to South Kingston, Rhode Island, then you will absolutely cherish the delicious menu that they offer. 

Talking about the Matunuck oyster bar menu, they have a wide range of oysters there for you. In fact, if you go there on National oyster day, which is on the 5th of August, then you will also get great deals. A lot of people go to that restaurant for good reasons. Whether you are an oyster lover, or simply someone who wants to enjoy some good food, then this bar is the one to go for sure. 

Now, let us tell you that this bar & restaurant offers you amazing American food. Mainly, they offer you seafood but you will also get other options. For instance, there are options available for vegans. In addition, you will also get gluten-free food options as well. 

So, if you want to know more about this restaurant, then you are at the right place. In this article, we shall talk about the Matunuck oyster bar and everything that you should know about this place. So, without further ado, let’s dig into this article and find out about this bar. 

An Overview Of Matunuck Oyster Bar

An Overview Of Matunuck Oyster Bar
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As we mentioned earlier, the Matunuck oyster bar provides you with the freshest food available. They use their locally sourced produce and also farm-raised and wild-caught seafood for their customers. Moreover, they also have their own signature raw bar stocked with a variety of oysters from Rhode Island. 

In addition, you will also enjoy the crisp cherrystones, jumbo shrimp, and littleneck clams. They also grow their own organic herbs and veggies from their own farm, at the north end of Potter pond. 

There is a variety of options available at this restaurant and bar as well. For instance, they offer you features such as take-out options, outdoor seating, normal seating, parking availability, highchair availability, and more. 

In addition, you will also appreciate that they have free wifi for the customers. As for payments, they also accept credit cards, gift cards, etc. So, that’s why you can also book Matunuck oyster bar reservations by phone. 

As for the menu, we have already mentioned a few specialty options, but there are more to enjoy. For instance, the menu includes cucumber oysters, delicious oyster trio, oyter po Boy, and also their famous oyster bar stew. 

The Owner Of The Place, Perry Raso, Started His Restaurant 13 Years Ago

Started His Restaurant 13 Years Ago
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According to the sources Perry Raso is the owner of this bar & restaurant. In the year 2008, his farm was selling oysters across the country. So, in order to secure the future of his farm, he purchased a commercial dock on the potter pond. 

This is where he farms his oysters as well. There was a rundown restaurant close to potter pond. So, that’s why Perry opened the restaurant on 1st July 2009. At present, this restaurant is known as Matunuck Oyster Bar Rhode island. 

Matunuck Oyster Bar Accident

Matunuck Oyster Bar Accident
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According to the sources, an elderly man struck five people in the Parkin lot outside the restaurant in August. This is the reason why the Oyster bar is facing lawsuits. Five people filed the suit against 629 Succotash LLC which does business as Matunuck Oyster Bar and Ocean state parking management.


  • Matunuck oyster bar what types of oysters they have?

Matunuck oyster bar is a lovely place where we get a plethora of oyster options. As per the sources, they have farmed oysters from Rhode island, crisp cherrystones, jumbo shrimp, and more. 

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