4 Benefits of Using AI Chatbots for Customer Service

AI Chatbots

In this modern age, every online business must change rapidly with the digital landscape. Every week hundreds of new technologies are introduced, and any one of them can take your business to new heights. When it comes to Chatbots, they have existed for a few years now, but with time they have also gotten advanced and can add real value to your business. Combining AI with Chatbots is giving businesses a new way to optimize and automate their process. The concept of AI Chatbots might seem scary but it can help a business in plenty of ways. Many businesses are already using AI Chatbots for their customer services and it is helping them save plenty of time and resources. In this article I have mentioned a few benefits of using AI Chatbots for customer service that will help you understand it’s importance; Let’s take a look:

Instant Response ‚Äď AI Chatbots

One of the major benefits of switching to an AI Chatbot is that it can save you and your customer’s plenty of time. Humans’ average attention span has decreased significantly in the past decade, and most people prefer self-service instead of talking to an operator. AI Chatbots ensure that your customers would never have to wait to get any sort of answer. To improve your response time, you can always expand your customer service team to make sure that every customer query gets dealt with easily. But if you compare the price of that with AI Chatbots, there will be a huge difference. So, if you want to satisfy your customers without draining all your resources, switching to an AI Chatbot is an excellent option.

Deals with Repetitive Questions

Depending on the nature of your business, you might not be able to answer all your customer queries via AI Chatbots. You will need a customer support team to deal with those complex issues. However, you can make things easier and save your team’s time by training a Chatbot to answer repetitive questions. The majority of the questions (Up to 80%) online businesses get from their customers are the ones that don’t require human involvement. For example, suppose the customer just wants to know about your business hours or about your product range. In that case, you don’t necessarily need to engage them with a customer service representative. Your AI Chatbot would be perfectly capable of answering such questions.

Personalized Response

Now, this is where AI Chatbots get really interesting. Most businesses are currently using Chatbots to answer simple and straightforward business queries. However, integrating your Chatbot with your other customer management systems like CRM can help the bot generate personalized replies. For example, suppose a customer has placed an order on your website and is returning back to your website. In that case, the Chatbot will greet them with a response like ‚ÄúWelcome back customer! your order has been successfully shipped. Would you like to track its location‚ÄĚ. This will again help save a lot of time, and the customer will be more satisfied with such responses.

Multiple Channel Integration

Gone are the days when customers used to reach a business via one channel only. B2C communication has become omnichannel in this modern digital age. The majority of customers use more than one channel at a time when they are trying to reach out to a business online. They wouldn’t just be bothering you on Whatsapp, but they will try to reach you on FB as well. This is where a Chatbot can come in quite handy. Most AI Chatbots out there support multiple channel integration. This means even when your customer is using multiple channels, all the messages will fall in one place.

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