7 Dog Grooming Tips To Make Them Look Good

7 Dog Grooming Tips To Make Them Look Good
Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev from Pexels

Do you own a dog? Well, dogs may be pets, but they are part of our lives. They require grooming for their safety, hygiene, and comfort. However, grooming your dog does not only entail bathing them and probably trimming their fur when it outgrows. According to AnyDoggie (an expert dog website), it would be best if you used special techniques, paid more attention, and even possibly dressed up your dog such that; when you walk on the streets, everyone will admire your dog.

In this article, we will discuss seven dog grooming tips that you can employ to make your dog look good and feel fresh.

Why is it important to groom dogs often?

  • For hygiene purposes

The first reason dogs should be groomed often is to ensure they are healthy. With time, dogs tend to shed their fur, and if the fallen coat is not combed off the skin, its knots harbor dirt and bacteria that can harm the dog in the future. Also, you don’t want the dog to drop the excessive fur in your house, especially if you live with kids. So, checking for such ensures your pet and home are clean.

  • Easy to detect diseases

If your dog has any coat disease, it would be pretty easy for you to notice it earlier on for treatment when you are constantly checking it, which can only happen when grooming the dog.

  • To prevent injuries

Some dogs can grow highly long nails that can cause injuries if not trimmed. Such nails can also cause injuries to family members when playing with the dog.

Tips for Grooming the Dog to Make Them Look Good

1. Slicker brush is the best for combing a dog coat

Brushing your dog does not require just a regular brush. You need a brush that will run through and reach the dog’s undercoat. Also, some dogs grow long hair, which can easily mate, making it unbearable to brush when washing your pet. However, slicker brushes are the best brushes for the job since pretty much suit all types of hair, whether; mated wiry or even thin coats.

Dog Grooming tips
Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

The bristles of this brush are incredibly soft, so your dog will not feel uncomfortable when you are brushing. In return, you can easily brush the dog’s fur. The brush also makes the dog coat look relatively smooth

2. Trim the hair using a good pair of clippers

Nothing makes a dog look good than having a well-groomed coat. Even if you are not entirely cutting off the dog coat, ensure to trim it when it outgrows the required size. Use a pair of dog clippers because they are comfortable when trimming a dog with a shaggy coat, and they help to control the trimming mode, so you don’t entirely cut off the skin, unlike when using a pair of scissors.

3. Detail the dog coat with a pair of scissors

You also need to focus on the sensitive areas of the dog’s body to complete the look. The areas requiring detailing are the ears, around the eyes, under the legs, between the toes, and the tail. Also, use a blunt pair of scissors to ensure you don’t injure your dog when grooming it.

4. Dress your dog up

Can you imagine walking around the town with your dog wearing a dog hoodie or a dress if it is a female dog? Dogs dressed up always look elegant and classy regardless of the breed. So, make your dog stand out from others by buying dog apparel. You can purchase different dog apparel for your dog, including warm dog hoodies for the cold seasons like winter.

Dog Grooming
Photo by Skyler Ewing from Pexels

Just ensure the dog clothes you buy are a good fit, light in weight for comfort when walking, and flexible, so the dog does not get limited when playing. Another crucial thing to note is that you don’t necessarily need to dress up your dog with full clothes; maybe wrapping a colorful bandana around their neck or putting ribbons on their ears is enough, most especially for puppies.

5. Keep the nails short and filled

Dogs that have well-trimmed and filed nails look good and are safe to play with. So, please don’t wait for your dog’s nails to overgrow such that they hinder their movements. Also, such long nails tend to harbor dirt that may breed bacteria and germs not safe for your dog’s health. Every time you notice the dog nails growing over their toes, make sure to trim them. Filing the dog nails after cutting is recommendable for more control.

6. Use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners

To give your dog that silky, shiny look after every bath, you need to invest in the correct type of dog shampoo and conditioner. The dogs naturally store oils under their coat, and these oils are responsible for keeping the skin looking healthy. But incorporating shampoos and dog conditioners with essential oils will add a more shine and healthy look to your dog’s coat. I mean, who doesn’t want to have a dog with a soft and silky-looking coat.

Dog Grooming
Photo by Mathew Coulton from Pexels

7. Brush the coat from down up

This is a tip to employ when brushing your dog to ensure you smoothly comb out dirt, knots, and even mats that may be on the dog’s coat. Also, combing the coat from down-up makes the hair look straight and firm, especially if the dog has a short coat. Besides that, your dog will quickly get used to being brushed, making your grooming time easy and smooth.


If you want to keep your dogs healthy and, at the time, make them look good, these are the top tips to apply when grooming the dogs. Let your dog shine by a good bath using the right dog shampoo and conditioner. When necessary, trim the coat and nails, and never shy away from dressing your dog. If you don’t know where to start when grooming your dog, seek help from a professional pet groomer.