Jim Edmond’s Family Marks The 5-Year Anniversary Of Late Ex-Wife Lee Ann Horton

Lee Ann Horton
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RHOC Star Jim Edmond has marked the 5th year anniversary of his late ex-wife Lee Ann Horton’s death from cancer. In fact, the reality star visited the grave of his ex-wife along with their daughters Hayley and Lauren. They have even posted a photo of their outing with a caption that said that they miss her.

With a series of emotional posts, they have remembered the death anniversary of their mother. Jim too has posted an emotional message to remember his wife. We know that life is fleeting and death can come at any time. Nobody can escape the wrath of death no matter what.

Those who followed Jim Edmond’s life would know that his ex-wife Lee Ann Horton was suffering from cancer. So, due to cancer, she passed away five years ago. The reality star Jim who is 50 years old visited the grave of her ex-wife.

So, if you wish to know more about Lee Ann and how her family marked her death anniversary then go through this article.

The Family Went To The Grave Of Lee Ann

So, as we said earlier, the family went to the grave of Lee Ann Horton on her death anniversary to pay respects. Jim along with his daughters Hayley and Lauren went to the grave and the girls left red tulips at Lee Ann’s grave.

It’s worth noting that the inscription of the grave read. “Forever in our hearts, always in our minds.”

As we said earlier, death is something that nobody can avoid. Since nobody can escape the wrath of death, Lee Ann Horton too, had to leave this mortal world. On this note, it’s worth mentioning that she was suffering from acute cancer. Ultimately, this became the prime reason for her untimely death.

The reality star Jim has posted a photo of Lee Ann and wrote that 5 years have indeed gone pretty fast. Moreover, he also added that all of them ( he and the daughters) miss her a lot. In fact, he has also posted pictures of their daughters, Hayley and Lauren. So, in a caption, he wrote that he does feel for her girls, forever and always. Therefore, we can say that the family had an emotional day.

Hayley, The Daughter Of Lee Ann & Jim Has Also Posted An Emotional Message On Instagram

Right after her dad Jim, Hayley, the daughter has also paid tribute to her mother’s compassion and strength in a heart-wrenching post. She said that she couldn’t believe that five years has passed in a jiffy. In fact, she added that her mother Lee Ann Horton had given her strength to become everything she wanted to be. Moreover, she has also tried to be everything that her mom was.

She went on to add, “I may have failed you a couple of times, I’ve made some mistakes that would disappoint you but thanks to you I have these qualities instilled in me to me better…to be open to new experiences and to try to be half the woman you were.”

Moreover, she also added that her mother had shown her compassion, love, and how to make light of every situation no matter what the case. In fact, Lee ann has also instilled in her a strength that she couldn’t have gained otherwise from anyone.

Lee Ann’s Death

In the year 2015, in July, Lee Ann Horton tragically passed away from Colon cancer. It’s worth noting that the Real Housewives star Jim had two other marriages after the divorce from Lee Ann.