Decide Which One is Best from Vinyl VS. Fiberglass Roof

Decide Which One is Best from Vinyl VS. Fiberglass Roof

So many roof materials in their styles and types can be chosen today more than ever before. While they may each have shortcomings and advantages, they are unique in adding a distinct design element to your home. It’s good to decide which one is best from vinyl VS fiberglass roof.


Residential buildings often have flat roofing options that start to fail after 5 to 7 years of use. Surely, you never want the idea of dealing with the frustration of roofing replacement & repairs. This is where a vinyl roof seems a perfect solution.

  • Low Maintenance

The vinyl roof solution demands only minimal maintenance for it to best serve its purpose. The only thing needed is to unclog the drains and clean up debris & dirt. If something comes up with the membrane roof, the repair can also easily be done.

  • Highly-Durable

Whatever climate your house may be in, a vinyl roof makes a good choice for being highly durable. It is designed to withstand years of service in different weather conditions. Moreover, a heat-welded vinyl material is enough for waterproofing your roof. It is highly fire-resistant and it gets you closer to the security of a complete & fireproof roof.

  • Waterproof

Flat or low slope roofing is somehow after giving a problem to most building owners. This is due to the leaking seams. Now with a vinyl roof solution, it can be made walkable. It is watertight in protecting your flat roof material from any possible leak. The modular roofing panels are also welded by the heat together. Thus, it ensures a watertight seal. This is also no matter how wet the conditions outside may be.

Fiberglass Roof

A fiberglass roof is essentially after helping avoid damage coming from the surrounding & roof structures. It already has been in the market for five years. Several styles can be chosen from varying levels of protection & designs. Now with so many options available, you’ll get whatever it is you need.

  • Functionality

What’s good with a fiberglass roof is that it can be achieved in many different & desirable looks. It can be used in serving different functions. It also can be walked on and be designed to be non-slip. Plus, it can be molded fitting in tricky areas. It can be formed complementing roof lights & all other obstacles on the flat roof.

  • Watertight

A fiberglass roof is a seamless type of roof. It does not leave water penetrating a surface. It also is utilized in the manufacture of hulls of boats & in most industries wherein water-tightness is essential.

  • Resilient

Nothing can match the durability of a fiberglass roof. While a felt roof can just last for ten years before being completely replaced, a fiberglass roof also can last for thirty years. This will therefore give you peace of mind for a long time. Considering the nature of its composition, a fiberglass roof does not longer need little maintenance at all.

  •  Economical

This fiberglass roof is an incredibly roofing type of material. It is lightweight, waterproof, fireproof, versatile, and lightweight. It is not also that expensive as an option.

The choice between vinyl VS fiberglass roof can be difficult. Compare which is better overall from the two. Move towards from the options cited offering protection to your home from different environmental factors. Any of the two somehow make an easy and cost-effective choice for roof installation.

Vinyl and fiberglass roof also still comes with professional installation with any new construction or replacement of roof. These roofs are stocked at roofing centers for easy purchase.