7 Horror TV Shows that you should watch on Netflix Canada

Horror TV Shows

You don’t have to live in a haunted dark night Halloween house to get that weird feeling of horror. You can have the same feeling right at the comfort of your home. 

From zombie attacks to violent killings, we have shows of all time that’s worth watching.

If you love horror shows, here are seven nuggets on Netflix that will give you the best streaming pleasure ever. Some are scary, while some are mildly violent; you can get something a bit scary for the whole family. 

With the advent of streaming platforms, there is no restriction to what kind of gore show you can watch. Everything is at your disposal. If in another country, you can unblock restrictions by use of a VPN. You can put your favorite streaming app, Netflix, to use and enjoy the spooky feeling with the below TV series.

1. Black Mirror

Black Mirror is one horror show with advanced technology. Its twist makes it one of the scariest shows in the British TV series. The show has stand-alone episodes, which are better watched in order. It features the issue of a society that depends on the internet, cellphones, and other forms of multimedia technology.

Here, technology is used to alter the human body, and later when the power goes off, everything spins out of control, and everyone is faced with some reflection in a black mirror. The show seems cool at first, but it’s very disturbing with Episode 3 as the king of horror. If you love anthology series with tight horror twists, Black Mirror is one of the top shows on Netflix Canada you don’t want to miss.

2. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a horror TV series based on a comic book bearing the same name. It’s one of the movies with frequent tragedies. If you hate graphic killings or brutal violence, you might as well avoid the series. The show features a group of zombie survivors trying to stay alive to avoid being attacked by the “walkers.”

The struggle is real; the survivors are forced to confront other human-like survivors in a group with their own laws and principles. But in the end, this breeds up a hostile conflict between them. The show is about risks of life and fighting for survival.

3. Strange Things

Have you ever experienced fear of the unknown?

This is exactly what you will get in Strange Things. The show follows the story of a young boy (Will Byers) who is believed to have been taken up by a creature. Everyone, including the mother and town police, set out to search for him. Soon, another young girl follows suit. She escapes from a laboratory as they attempt to get Will.

During the search, their parents and police discover Demogorgon, a frightening monster from the Upside Down entity. With time, Will is rescued, but to everyone’s surprise, he seems to be influenced by powers from the entities, and everyone smells danger from the entity.

4. Murdeville 

The show is worth watching. It has true crime and horror. Murderville, based on BBC’s Murder in Successville, tries to combine scripted comedy and mystery. Will Arnett’s relatively straight-faced performance, as well as guest performers, ensure that nearly every episode hits its mark.

Terry, who has a bushy mustache and a voice that sounds like a cross between Batman and Bojack Horseman’s, is portrayed as a bumbling, pitiful creature. His fantasies of being a professional, old-school detective, straight out of a noir, hardboiled, are repeatedly smashed in front of his eyes.

5. The Haunting of Hill House

The TV series follows the Crain family who moves into the titular mansion in the early 1990s with the goal of flipping it, selling it, and using the proceeds to build their “forever house.” Hugh (Henry Thomas) is a devoted father and husband, while Olivia (Carla Gugino) is a dreamy free spirit with a maternal tenderness that radiates from the screen.

Steven and others explore their new home. But, they seem to be the chief cowards compared to their parents, feeding more directly off its malignancy, seeing things only children would: phantom bugs, rooms that shouldn’t exist.

6. Mindhunter

Those who have ever watched Mindhunter refer to it as one frightening show. It has acts of violence, murder, torture; a perfect series for those who love psychological crime thrillers TV series

Mindhunter follows some FBI agents and a psychologist working in an FBI unit who conduct a research project to interview some confined serial killers with a single aim to have information on handling similar cases. They want to understand how a serial killer’s mind operates. Later in the season, we see the murder of little children and other queer acts of serial killers. 

If you are thrilled by disturbing flashes, don’t miss this out on Netflix Canada.

7. Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is not for kids. It’s for the horror hardcore.

It features the Peaky Blinders criminals after WW1. The show has been loosely set following some urban youth active around the 1880s to 1990s. The group survived violence, robbery, and gambling. They stayed in power up to 1910, until another stronger gang rose.

The gang was known for their fearful acts. They would hide disposable razor blades in their flat caps and later use them as weapons to injure enemies. The British gang drama is definitely worth watching.