3 Ways to Make Your Home Look Great Before Showing Potential Buyers Around

Make Your Home Look Great

If you think you can relax once your home is listed, you have another thing coming! 

Selling a house is not an easy task, and even if you managed to get the best realtor in the area to represent you, there are still a lot of things to do to increase the property’s appeal and attract as many viewers as possible. 

However, no one feels like investing in a property that’s up for sale. After all, the more you put in it at this stage, the more it will drive the profit down. Therefore, today we are only going to discuss the most basic things a homeowner can do to spike people’s interest and make sure the sale goes smoothly.  

#1: Clean & Organize

Do you know those amazing interior pictures you see in magazines? They look incredibly elegant and appealing, right? 

Well, the main secret behind this look is cleanliness and order. When you clean the area, the rooms get a fresh life due to sparkly clean surfaces and freshly vacuumed carpets. Make sure to check the hidden areas and corners for dust, cobwebs, and stains that won’t be missed by the eye of an observant customer.   

Lastly, to get that modern and elegant look from magazines, scatter a few throw pillows and a few designer blankets (the ones from Tekla are amazing!) on the sofa and armchairs. These will create a warm atmosphere and provide that carefully studied negligence that lets people know that this house can become their wonderful home. 

#2: Declutter

This step is a bit difficult, especially if you’re still living in the house while the visitors inspect the property. Still, it’s important since clutter shrinks the spaces (visually) and creates a stressful atmosphere for the viewer. In addition, a cluttered space is not good for your health, so you’ll be doing yourself a favor as well!

However, decluttering doesn’t mean you’ll take all the things out of plain view and shove them in the closet or cupboards! The garage and attic are no-no areas as well. Interested buyers will want to check the closet space and garage, and it doesn’t help if things start falling down the moment they pry the door open. 

Take this opportunity to do a complete purge and get rid of the things you’re not using. Donate and recycle old clothes (or the ones you haven’t touched in the last year), toys, old kitchen appliances, and everything that has no use at the new house. 

#3: Boost the Curb Appeal

Once you’ve finished pampering the interior, it’s time to take a look outside and check if the yard, fence, and everything around look amazing. 

The first impression is crucial for a successful sale, and when it comes to houses, the exterior aspect is the first thing a buyer will notice. If they don’t like the outside, they’re already one step out of the deal and this will be reflected in their opinion of the inside as well. 

So, make sure the lawn is freshly mowed, the grass is green and even all over, and the trees and shrubs are nicely trimmed and cared for. Also, focus on the walkway and check for any debris, missing tiles, or anything that may chip a buyer’s opinion. 

Lastly, plant some cute flowers or take care of the ones that are already there. A beautiful front yard, with healthy-looking plants, creates a cheerful and inviting atmosphere for any type of buyer. Of course, you should also tend to the backyard (if there is one), in an effort to show buyers just how much fun they can have in this place. 

Wrap Up 

These tips can help you showcase the true value of your home, but if there are glaring issues or damages, a buyer will be able to see all of them regardless of how much effort you put into the aspect. Therefore, if you are not prepared to invest in repairs, you should be prepared to get a lower offer than the asking price.  

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