Why is an Orthopedic Dog Bed Best Choice for Your Dog?

Orthopedic Dog Bed
Orthopedic Dog Bed - Bully Beds

We all wish the best for our pets. People go to the extent to make their mates feel comfortable. It is the golden years for our dog that we see him struggling. Large credit of which goes to arthritis! Either way, we still try to make things better and for that, there is one thing that can serve the right purpose. It is the Orthopedic Dog Bed. 

The pet world has been fascinated by this product since it has comforted dogs in more than one way. These are specifically created to enhance the quality of sleep for the pet. From reducing pains to helping our mates find relief from the stress, this dog bed is going to be of more value than you assume. It has a range of benefits. Continue reading to know. 

Perks of Using Orthopedic Dog Bed

Carrying comfort, quality, and stress-free designing, this is how this bed helps your dog: 

  • Relieving Joint Pain: Ailing joints pose difficulty in more than one way. It makes your dog feel the thrashing pain and further makes it difficult to sleep for an aging dog. If your pal is in his senior years and you are seeing him slowing down, getting a bit low due to paining joints, you must buy an orthopedic dog bed. 

With special medical-grade foam and design that supports joint so your dog can lay in the perfect position, it helps to combat the pain. Its support is enough for the dog to have a refreshing, energizing nap; something that he or she direly needs. 

  • A Must for Recovery Phase: There are times when your dog has had surgery and it needs proper rest to recover from that. During that phase, if there is not enough support and the sleep quality is not up to the mark, it becomes difficult to recover. Further, if you haven’t got the right thing done, it can get even worse. 

With these large dog beds, you get a total support system with you. It offers an even distribution of the whole body weight. Subsequently, its shape is in such a way that there is a head and neck support given. Together, they help your dog get proper rest, cozy sleep, and indeed a chance of better recovery. 

Easy Maintenance: It is surely not going to be your first time purchasing a dog bed. You might have had some experiences before. Tell us, did that bed last long enough? Was it comfortable? Did it get dirty in the first go? Chances are your bed got all messed up the first day when your pup came back from playing in the garden. 

  •  With orthopedic beds, you get covers to keep the bed safe. What’s even more fascinating is that they are easily removable and completely washable. So, if there is one playful day outside, you do not have to worry about the inside. It gets cleaned easily. 

Enhanced Blood Circulation: Well, this is not what you hear from every pet store owner, but one of the many benefits that orthopedic dog beds offer is enhanced blood circulation. How? By eliminating stress from the pressure points in your pup’s body, it opens the gate for better flow of blood in those areas.

  •  This, if works properly can keep your playful pup as playful as it wants. Further, it decreases the risk of injuries and keeps the health status up to the mark. Not to forget that you have to still take care of your pup in terms of nutrition, safety, and quality of living. 

How to pick the right Dog Bed?

Knowing about a list of benefits won’t be sufficient. It is indeed up to the owner to ensure that he has been making the right decision while picking a bed for his dog. If you are unsure of your decision, you must check these parameters. It will assist you in making the right choice. 

  • Quality: First things first, you cannot be compromising with the quality over a few bucks. It is at the point when you start using the bed that you notice the foam is not up to the mark and the quality of stitching is not intact either. One option to pick would be making a purchase from a reputed brand. It allows you to instigate trust in the product. 
  • Walls: Large Orthopedic Dog Beds have walls on the sides. These are offered to enhance the support to the neck, head, and whole body. It is all up to the preference of the owner and of course the pet, that whichever they like, they can buy. Chances are you’d be buying a bed with a couple of walls to enhance the support. 
  • Maintenance: Again, maintenance is one factor that can shape the decision related to any product. With dog beds, maintenance is a crucial issue. What if it catches dirt? What if the walls bend and do not get back to their position? How about the foam quality inside? What if it loses the cushioning? It is all the maintenance costs that get accompanied by the product. You have to pick one that doesn’t press your nerves much. 
  • Material: This is one thing that is going to either make your dog lay in bed all day or avoid it at any cost. If the material is right, you’d see your mate resting on the bed. If it itches, scratches, or poses any sort of problem, it is not the right piece. Some of the popular choices for the material are suede, faux fur, and microfibre. 

Where can you buy the best?

We, at Bully Beds, feel the same for your pup as you do. Hence, we take it on us to make the most comforting bed for your dog. Our chew proof dog beds have created a benchmark of quality and we like to maintain it till the very end. Hop on to our website and have a view of the premium collection of dog beds.