10 Factors To Consider While Selecting A Hajj Agent

Hajj agent
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Hajj is considered a mental and spiritual journey. The Muslims remain guests of Allah. And He responds to their call and prayers. Hajj is a pious journey that every Muslim wishes to perform. Therefore, Muslims gather in Makkah and perform Hajj annually. But everybody needs to locate dedicated and hard-working Hajj agents who offer a smooth and hassle-free Hajj journey. Thus, it is pivotal to go in-depth and make proper research for Hajj agents. So, Muslims can pick their desired packages and get a memorable experience of a heavenly voyage.

Why is it necessary to get advice from agents?

Unluckily, in recent years, many people get the victim of Hajj fraud. Many people lose significant sums of money and get scammed by the official agents. Sometimes Muslims also make deals with the non-existence agency. So, it brings a big financial lose and people usually lose their entire savings.

The reason is simple pilgrims get attracted towards cheap and affordable priced Hajj packages. The fake agents usually advertise their serviced-on TV channels. So, pilgrims get easily attracted and try to make contact with the company without any research. Thus, it creates a Hajj fraud. So, it is vital to get awareness about picking the right and reliable agent’s services.

Hajj agent

Factors to choose a right travel agent

Hajj is an important event for Muslims. They want to make it memorable and comfortable. However, going for Hajj is not easy. Even you cannot prepare for this journey in a week or two. It is great to make proper planning and take time. The most important thing is to choose a travel operator.

Multiple travel agencies work in the UK and it’s not easy to choose the best services. But pilgrims can’t make mistakes in choosing the travel agent. Otherwise, they can lose hard earn money. So, it is crucial to complete understanding choosing an agent according to the needs. Here are the criteria to choose the right tour operators for Hajj:

  • Legal and approved travel agency:

Now the Saudi ministry accepted Hajj applications from authorized travel companies. The travel operators get restrictions due to the poor services. Therefore, it is essential to check the company’s affiliation with the Saudi ministry.

Usually, thousands of Muslims travel for Hajj every year from the UK. Therefore, many approved travel agencies work in the UK. Thus, choosing an affiliated company bring huge benefits for Muslims. The approved travel agency will offer a smooth journey because the agency is abided by Saudi’s laws and regulations.

  • Guide for females:

Many times, we ignore the females. You should ask the agent about a spiritual guide for the females. Of course, having a guide for females is important. They are well-informed, humble, trustworthy, and caring. They ensure to help the female pilgrims all over the Hajj process. Otherwise, the pilgrims may face some serious issues during the days of Arfah and Mina which are essential for Hajj.

  • Authorized Hajj deals:

The Saudi ministry set the law of traveling. All travelers must arrange their Hajj with reputable agents. Therefore, it is necessary to check the availability of packages and services. The pilgrims must consider the costs of the package. All approved agents offer the best and smooth Hajj travel. So, it is great to join hands with responsible operators.

  • Mystical and religious guide:

The Hajj agent must have experience and knowledge about traveling for Hajj. Sometimes, they offer a religious guide to the pilgrims. Your guide will play a vital role in providing a religious guide about the Hajj. Otherwise, the pilgrims can get help from religious books and perform Hajj peacefully.

  • Know about agent’s experience:

How long has the agent been working in a travel agency? How much experience does he have? It is important to get help from experienced agents.

  • Knowledge about new rules:

All the approved agencies have much knowledge about the new regulations for Hajj/Umrah. Such agencies are directly involved in the Hajj process. Therefore, they are fully aware of the new rules of visas, flights, and accommodation. Thus, they can provide promising services in Makkah.

  • Design a perfect contract:

The pilgrims must sign a contract with travel agents. In the contract, Muslims must get accommodation, flight, and transportation services. These all would be managed by the responsible manager. Well-established operators provide the best services and are responsible to deliver what they promise in the contract. So, don’t only rely on the agent’s words and get everything in written form.

  • Never make advance transactions:

Are you going to Hajj in 2022? Then, choose the right agents who have patience and dignity to make your Hajj successful. Hajj ministry also advised to never fall for the fake agents and don’t believe in their low-cost packages. It is great to have a proof and record of financial transactions.

  • Check accountability:

The registered agents are answerable in front of the Saudi ministry. Therefore, people can make complaints and queries about the agency. The approved companies can’t make the mistake of direct connection with the Hajj ministry. Thus, the agents must deliver their promises to the pilgrims.

  • Recognition and reputation:

It is vital to check the reputation and record of the operators. You need to check their old travels and check the feedback of previous customers. Most importantly, the pilgrims check for the extra costs and fees that may be added by the tour operator. So, you must decide on the Hajj package within your budget and have a memorable Hajj.

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What is the right Hajj deal?

Hajj is a divine journey. Thus, the pilgrims must make their journey smooth. The Hajj package with approved agents brings a smooth journey. They can provide accommodation, flight, and transportation according to the customers’ needs.

The Muslims don’t need to worry about basic needs and they get a chance to complete sacred journeys peacefully. Hajj in this year could not be easy because the Saudi government set many rules and regulations to stop COVID-19. Thus, your Hajj agent must be aware of such rules that allow completing rituals peacefully.