What Are The Best Places To Invest In Buy-to-let To Get High Rental Yields?

Rental Yields
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Today landlords are rushing in to invest in excellent buy-to-let properties in wonderful destinations for getting high rental yields. Want to know about some of the popular choice of locations to invest in? The popular spots that offer high rental yields in Surrey are Cobham, Claygate, and Hinchley Wood. There are plenty of buy-to-let properties available in these areas that offer high rental yields which serves as a good hedge against inflation for the investors for both the short and long term.

You can also decide to invest in amazing buy- to- let properties in these areas that will prove profitable for you. If you want to know about the house for sale in Surrey get in touch with the estate agents operating in the area to know about it. It is one of the most prosperous areas that attracts lots of London commuters which is one of the aspects resulting in high rent prices. Find out all the best features of the places you can invest in.

Surrey – The best location for you to invest in buy-to-let properties

Surrey is a large populous county where some parts of it are rural while others parts are urban. Most of Surrey is woodland. Also, it is considered an affluent county with lots of amazing buy-to-let properties that offer high yields. There are many property hotspots in Surrey that are suitable for first-time investors expecting good profits. You can speak with the estate agents in Surrey to know details about the areas and also the buy-to-let properties it offers. 

The neighbourhood of Surrey attracts lots of home seekers from London looking for rental properties because of its proximity. They are not cut off from the jobs the Central city has to offer because it only takes thirty minutes to reach London from several towns located in Surrey. Further, Surrey is not only nearer to London but also places like Gatwick and Heathrow.

Most importantly, Surrey offers access to some of the best education in the private and state sector.  There are many schools like Royal Grammar School Guildford, Charterhouse, Epsom College, and Guildford High School. Plus, the whole atmosphere of Surrey is peaceful and idyllic so no one can ignore its beauty and will always stop to appreciate its beauty. These are the reasons which make Surrey the best place to invest in buy-to-let properties as you can profit from the rental incomes. Know about the best neighbourhoods in Surrey where you can find a great buy- to- let properties.

  • Cobham

It is one of the large villages located in Surrey. You can find a commercial high street in the area and also lots of primary and private schools. So it is a place bustling with many economic activities but as it is located in Surrey the surrounding is calm with a countryside backdrop. Some of the beautiful parks nearby are Painshill Park, Claremont Gardens and RHS Wisley.

Many people love to move to Cobham because of the lovely properties available for rent. So it is one of the best choices in Surrey to invest in buy –to- let. You can get in touch with estate agents to get details about such available properties types.

  • Claygate

This area is one of the affluent villages in Surrey which is considered a desirable place for families. There are many excellent properties in Claygate to invest in buy- to-let and it offers higher yields too. 

Claygate has a village environment that many people love to live in to escape from the hectic atmosphere of the cities. But it is only twenty-five minutes from London because of its convenient transport links which makes travelling easy. 

Plus, there are lots of buy- to- let apartments and flats in Claygate with amazing amenities that surpass the expectations of tenants.

  • Hinchley Wood

Hinchley Wood is another popular suburban village in Surrey as it has plenty of buy-to-let properties ripe for investors to invest in.  

Many people working in London prefer to live in Hinchley Wood because of the easy commute via railways. That is why it attracts lots of home seekers every year looking for properties to rent. Also, the major schools in the area are Hinchley Wood Primary School and Hinchley Wood School which are popular in the neighborhood. So this is also an ideal location, if you are thinking of investing in one of the best areas in Surrey.

Call estate agents now to invest

If you are looking for the best places to invest in buy- to- let properties, consider focusing your search on the ideal neighborhoods in Surrey. You will surely feel good about your decision when you reap the benefits as you will get high rental yields. Get help from Surrey estate agents now to know about the available properties.