Water Bill Too High? It Could Be a Plumbing Leak

Water Bill Too High It Could Be a Plumbing Leak

If you find that your water bill is a lot higher than it used to be, it’s possible that you have a water leak somewhere. These aren’t always obvious, and it could be in a place that’s inconspicuous. Over time, you might start to see signs of it, though. These can include warped floors, dampness or mold, and wet areas in the yard, even when other areas are dry. Coupled with a high bill, these may be important warning signs of a plumbing leak.

A Leak can Raise Your Water Bill Significantly

While a small leak might not make much difference on your monthly bill, a larger leak has the potential to add a lot of extra cost. In some cases, homeowners have seen their bills rise by hundreds of dollars when they’ve had a plumbing leak go undetected. Much like a dripping faucet, leaks can also result in hundreds of gallons of water being wasted. That’s not good for the environment or the cost of your water, and also has the potential to do damage to your home, as well.

Look for Other Signs of Leaking Plumbing

Along with a rising water bill, you want to look for signs that your plumbing is leaking. If you hear water dripping or rushing, that’s a big indicator that the plumbing has a leak somewhere in a wall or underneath your home. You might also see mildew growing on the sheetrock or find that the carpet is wet in a particular location. That could mean a pipe in the slab has broken, and the water is making its way up to the underside of your flooring.

Puddles in the yard often indicate a plumbing leak, too. If the yard has wet areas when the rest of it is dry, you should investigate the reason and start working with a professional to find and correct the source of the problem. Sometimes leaks are much more difficult to locate than other times, and a slow leak will typically be harder to find than a larger leak or a burst pipe. No matter what kind of suspicions you have about plumbing leaks in your home, though, a pro can help.

Finding the Leak is a Job for the Pros

The good news about having a leak in your home’s plumbing system is that residential plumbing leak repair is just a phone call away. When you reach out to a professional plumber for help, you can get the benefit of quality service, dedication to the job, and the right equipment to find and correct the issue. That’s good news for any homeowner who’s worried about leaks because a leak can create a lot of problems with other areas of your house if it isn’t corrected quickly.

Leak Repair Should Be Handled Right Away

Don’t wait when you notice a leak in your home’s plumbing or a higher water bill with no explanation. Untreated leaks cost you money on your water bill and can harm flooring, drywall, and even the wood your home is constructed with. You don’t want to be facing wood rot, mold, and expensive repairs for something that was a minor issue when it started. Getting help fast reduces the chances of additional problems and expenses.

A Residential Plumber Can Protect Your Home

Working with a residential plumber is important for quality service and peace of mind. You need and deserve a house that’s safe and secure and that works properly. By having a plumber detect and fix any leaks and inspect your home’s plumbing for potential future issues, you’ll feel more confident in your home and all it has to offer. Then, you can get back to living your life and put worries about plumbing leaks behind you.

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