Who Is GeorgeNotFound? What Are His Age And Height?


GeorgeNotFound’s real name is George Henry Davidson. He is a popular YouTuber and social media influencer. George is popular as an online gamer and content creator. He is from London, England, UK. As he is a popular YouTuber, he gets many views and likes for his Minecraft gaming videos.

In this article, let us discuss GeorgeNotFound and his work on YouTube. Read through the article to know about his age and height.

Who Is GeorgeNotFound?

As already said, GeorgeNotFound is a popular YouTuber in the UK. Apart from this, George is also a popular online twitch streamer. He is popular for appearing with other famous YouTubers such as 

  • Dream
  • Sapnap
  • BadBoyHalo

According to the sources, he even played many gaming championships. As of April 2021, George has more than 7.21 million subscribers for his YouTube channel. One of his gaming videos ‘Minecraft, But My Friend Is A Dog’ got more than 26 million views. 

George’s Biography:

The YouTuber was born on November 1, 1996. His birthplace is London, England, United Kingdom. This young talented person belongs to a rich business family. Based on his date of birth, his current age is 25 years. His birth name is George Henry Davidson. The YouTuber is not disclosing the names of parents and siblings.

George completed his degree in the stream of Computer Science. Since childhood, he had a great interest in online gaming. Thus, he started focusing on it to fulfill his dream to be an online gamer. He is a talented person and thus, becomes a famous YouTuber.

Most of his fans doubted how tall is GeorgeNotFound. Actually, his height is 5 feet 8 inches. Coming to his weight, it is around 65 kg. 

When Did GeorgeNotFound Start On YouTube?

George started his YouTube channel in August 2019. He became popular after his Minecraft challenging videos got millions of views. At present, George has more than 8 million subscribers with 422 million views for his videos. He just started with 40K views on his videos but ended up with more than 5 million views.

What Is GeorgeNotFound’s Net Worth?

George’s net worth is almost $4.3 million. But other sources stated that his net worth is around $7-8 million USD. 

Apart from his YouTube channel, he earns a good income from his fashion merchandise. Thus, he is an entrepreneur too, as he sells a variety of clothes and mobile back covers. 

According to some rumors, the gamer is earning $70,000 per month for his single video on YouTube. But there is no proof about this monthly salary of the YouTuber.

GeorgeNotFound net worth

Interesting Facts:

  • George is an animal lover and treats animals like human beings.
  • The YouTuber has colorblind glasses, as he had a Protanopia (red-green color blindness).
  • He had a pet cat which died unfortunately on July 27, 2020. After one month, he adopted a new kitten.
  • George got his first silver YouTube button in the year 2020, February 11.
  • The young gamer is left-handed and loves to do cooking.
  • As of April 2021, the young man got more than 2 million followers on his Instagram.
  • On 13th January 2020, he uploaded his first video on Instagram.
  • Once he became popular on YouTube, he changed his name to “GeorgeNotFound.”
  • To watch his gaming videos, he had a second channel on YouTube with over 1.49 million subscribers.


To sum it up, George is a popular British YouTuber and his fans can expect more videos in the future.

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