Beach Wave Perm: New Hairstyle On The Block

beach wave perm
Credit: PInterest

The beach wave perm is one of the most iconic and instantly recognizable hairstyles of our time and age. If you grew up watching Hollywood cult classics, chances are you have seen a perm. They were all the rage back when we were kids, with parents turning on the heat every time their kid demanded a perm.

But hate it or love it, the perm is back in an all-new avatar that is not only cool and trendy but also pays a respectful tribute to the classy eighties. Let us take a look at this latest sensation that’s gripping the fashion world. 

Straight From Korea

The technique is a Korean novelty. It was created by a stylist named Jean Oh and later exported to other countries. The process involves using a perm solution and a specially designed wand to work on the hair and create a wavy design. Now the trick is to make it look like loose beach wave perm short hair, but if someone does not prefer it too loose they can also opt for beach wave perm short hair. 

There is a major difference between the standard perm you get for your hair and the Digital Wave perm. In the former, the harsh chemical treatment and extremely high temperatures can cause severe damage to your hair. Also, if you have colored your hair, it is an added risk as a chemical treatment has already affected it to some extent. Although there is an option of getting a thin hair beach wave perm, if you actually have thin air do take extra care. 

Straight From Korea
Credit: pinterest


I kid you not, when all the hot rollers are finally pulled out of your head and stand looking into a mirror, the beach wave perm will work like a dream. It is much smoother and visually appealing than the standard 80s choppy blowout. In the end, what you get is beach wave perm long hair or short depending on your type, a style that caresses your neck and compliments the frame of your face.

You can take it out of your home without any further adjustments. The beach wave perm looks good in the workplace, at the party and of course at home. Truly a hairstyle for all times. You won’t have to bother about the trip to the salon any more. 

Credit: Pinterest


You are not getting off light after the treatment though. There are a few rules that you must keep in mind for the next few days. You cannot wash your hair for the next three or four days as it can mess with the setting of the curls. Also, heat styling is not recommended.

It is quite bad for the bonds in your hair. If you want, you can sleep on a soft pillow or simply wrap your perm with a silk headdress to speed up the recovery process. A change of shampoo is often recommended. Do not use shampoos which are heavy or abrasive in nature as they can lead to split ends and other damage. 

Keep the above in mind, and your beach wave perm will be ready to rock in no time. 


1. Is there a perm that gives you beach waves?

Yes beach wave perm gives you beach waves.

2. How long does a beach perm last?

Depending on hair consistency, it can last four to six months.

3. How much does a beach wave perm last?

Anywhere from $40-$200. 

4. Does perm damage the hair?

Perm may weaken the strands.

5. Can you undo a perm?

A deep conditioning treatment or hot oil treatment may help to undo a perm. 

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