What Are The Essential Questions To Ask After Posting The Bail?

Essential Questions To Ask

A common man and his family will know about the bail application process! No one expects that they or someone close to them will get arrested soon and prepare for the consequences. An arrest is a sudden happening that takes a family by shock. Naturally, most families haven’t even walked into a bail bond company to opt-in for bail, so that their loved one is out of jail.

Also, it is essential to know that most families run high on their emotions when someone close gets arrested. They might choose a bail bond company and apply for the bail, but might lack the know-how for the next course of activities. Once your bail gets posted, you need to ask a few questions. 

  • Will you get your money back?

If you choose a bail bond company or agent to opt-in for the bail, your fee will not get returned, irrespective of the result. It doesn’t get used as the court fee either. And this is the crucial difference between paying for bail with a bail bond agent’s help and without the agent’s advice. The benefit that you have when you join hands with a bail bond company is that you can get the bond for a lesser cost and directly pay the bail. Usually, the bail fee is 10% of the entire bail cost. To know more about this, you can check out.

  • Can you get the bail financed?

Every bail amount has a chance to be costly! For this, you will find the presence of professional bail bond companies that provide various payment choices. You must understand the same. Also, each legal case and the clauses are different. If you fail to pay the required fee without a bail bond company, you have to join hands with a company before you sign on any paper.

If a bail bond company provides payment plans, then there are a few factors that will help you decide on the monthly payments, which will be fixed by the court. It will be regardless of the employment record, credit score, and whether you own a house or stay in a rented apartment.

  • Can you change the bail amount?

You can undoubtedly change the bail amount, but you need to provide a valid reason for that. The bail amount usually gets decided by the bond schedule, which can have various charges. However, the judge can also consider multiple factors that comprise how violent and severe a crime is. It also finds the crime consequences along with the defendant’s conduct and their earlier track records. Things like whether the defendant has escaped court hearing or not are also crucial. If the defendant is employed, the court probes into his or her community and check the defendant’s reputation.

The moment the amount gets fixed, considering all the factors mentioned above, the judge can change the amount. Any change in the circumstances can make this happen, for instance, that the charge is more severe that the court thought it to be before.  These are a few questions that you might want to address once you the bail gets posted.