The Perfect Gift for 1st Anniversary – Diamond Rings

Gift for 1st Anniversary
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Picking a gift for someone can be hard, no matter the occasion. Birthdays, Christmas, retirements, each pose unique challenges, not to mention tastes and preferences that vary from person to person.

Choosing a gift to celebrate a 1st anniversary is arguably the hardest of the lot. You’ve had the engagement, the wedding, and the honeymoon, how much further can you go? What more can be said to demonstrate your love? First anniversaries are known traditionally as ‘paper’ anniversaries. However, rather than gifting your spouse a paper present and risking their wrath, consider something a little more special.

The perfect gift

Nothing says ‘I love you’ better than diamonds, right? They’re the quintessential gift between partners, lovers, and spouses, standing the test of time and never going out of fashion. They’re cherished for their beauty, valued for their durability, and can last forever, passed down through the generations as a revered family heirloom.

If you’re thinking of gifting your spouse a diamond ring to celebrate this monumental milestone, ensure you’re shopping at reputable vendors, who will have rings for all events and occasions. Check out these tips, and make sure you’re buying the quality your significant other deserves.

The four Cs

The four Cs are widely used as a metric for measuring the quality of a diamond ring. The first is color, which is used to grade how colorless a diamond is. Colorless diamonds, the most highly sought after, are graded D. The scale goes all the way up to Z, which represents diamonds with noticeable tints of yellow or brown.

The next C is for cut, which is used to assess how well the diamond has been fashioned. The cut of a diamond can have a substantial impact on its perceived beauty, and encompasses its symmetry, angles, and finishing details.

Third, the clarity of a diamond measures how many imperfections, or inclusions, a diamond has. While all diamonds have some level of imperfection, the clarity scale ranges from FL for flawless to I2 for Inclusions 2.

The final C is for carats, which measures the diamonds physical weight in metric carats. One carat is equal to one fifth of a gram, which is then subdivided 100 times. As a general rule, the greater the carat, the greater the diamond’s value.   

Pick your band metal

The type of metal used for the band of a diamond ring can have a drastic impact on how the diamond itself looks. Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum are all popular choices, rightly so as they complement the sparkle and sheen of a diamond perfectly. Platinum and white gold are better suited for diamonds with a high color rating, while gold and rose gold are better for diamonds with lower color ratings.


A first anniversary is a day charged with emotion, memory, and hopes for the future. Celebrate it the right way and use this guide to pick your spouse their perfect diamond ring >>

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