Eleven Season 3: How Stranger Things Displays A Fascinating Female Cast

Eleven Season 3
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We all know Eleven, and not only Eleven Season 3, but throughout the whole series of Stranger Things, we loved Eleven. She is strong-willed, loves her friends and can lift objects heavier than herself to smash them to pieces. All in all, she is the perfect package of fun and serious. But that having been said, she is only one among the dazzling female cast of Stranger Things who amp up things with their stark emotions. Not to mention the quirky relationships between the other members of the gang. Now that has always been the fan favorite element. 

New Ladies In Town

First things first, there are some new ladies in town. Robin works at an ice-cream parlour with Steve Harrington and dishes out some really wacky witticisms from time to time. Stranger things eleven season 3 is one of the most interesting characters of the series, a girl who comes across as mildly detached at first but later proves to be highly intelligent. 

She is the one who cracks the Russian code, after all. Eleven and Max develop a beautiful friendship meanwhile and spend time discussing all the facets of teenage life. Boys, outfits, turbulent emotions, the whole lot. Erica Sinclair is another wonderful new addition, just the type of heroic sibling that everybody needs to rescue them from nasty situations. 

New Ladies In Town
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More Initiative

The girls take far more initiative in season 3 than in the previous seasons. Nancy has her own subplot where she battles sexism in the workplace, interspersed beautifully with Jonathan and his sweet awkwardness. Nancy’s mother Karen, too does her best to encourage her daughter through a difficult phase. The camaraderie between Max and Eleven is joyous and does not venture into petty territory. 

For once, it is refreshing to see two girls enjoying themselves on screen without trying to pull each other down. And, of course, the bold eleven season 3 outfits the ladies sport are just drop-dead gorgeous. Point in case, Eleven season 3 yellow shirt and pleated jeans seem to have already become a fashion statement. 

The new bonds have a profound impact on the dynamics of the series. The characters are more certain of their wants and desires now. They take mature steps towards the realization of the same and do not hold back even when the going gets tough. More importantly, the characters keep in mind an essential knowledge:- it is not necessary to emulate another to earn their admiration. One can simply choose to be original and allow others to accept them. 


So far, Stranger Things has been a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. We fell in love with the diverse range of characters, their complicated personalities and the unique way in which they tackle problems. However, a major part of that world remained dominated by boys till now. The first two seasons showcase Will and his connection to the Upside-Down, his friends who go against all odds to pull him back to the real world, and Steve, who changes his attitude from a bully to a kind, considerate person. 

Eleven season 3 changes all that. The world is more fleshed out in this offering, and we get a rather good idea of how the feminine half of the cast works, thinks and acts. Exceptionally well done is the Eleven arc. She is a girl to die for. Whether it is diving headlong into danger to save her friends, bonding with her adoptive father Jim, who dotes on her, exploring her human side and feeling all the emotions of a normal teenager, Eleven shines bright in all aspects. We can only hope this healthy balance of character stories keeps up in future seasons as well. 

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1. Who is Eleven from Stranger Things?

Jane Hopper, also known as Eleven, is the main character in Stranger Things. She is played by Millie Bobby Brown. 

2. How old was Eleven in Season 3?

Eleven was 13 or 14 in Season 3.

3. Did Mike and El get back together in Season 3?

Mike and Eleven reconcile after Mike tells her he has been avoiding her because of Hopper’s threats and that he loves her, to which she reciprocates. 

5. Is Eleven a Demogorgon?

No Eleven is not a Demogorgon. 

6. What happened to Eleven’s powers in Season 3?

Eleven realizes she has lost her powers at the end of the season, after her fight with the Mind Flayer at Starcourt mall. 

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