The Best Email Verification Tools You Should Be Using in 2021

Email Verification Tools

Your email marketing campaign is one of the most important tools in your marketing belt. It brings you to the forefront of the market, beating out the competition. These kinds of materials connect your company with customers, creating a direct relationship with them.

And with email verification tools, your campaign will just enjoy even more success. These tools guarantee that your campaign will be seen by actual people and that they’re sent to people who are interested in them. They help target the best group of people to market to, fine-tuning your campaign.

Keep reading below to learn more about which email verification tools you should use!

ZeroBounce is One of the Best Email Verification Tools

When it comes to outreach marketing, you want to use something that is guaranteed to pay off. You want to connect with customers in a way that other companies don’t. As an entrepreneur, you want your audience to know that the company is here for them.

ZeroBounce does exactly that. It’s used by big names like TripAdvisor and AllState and includes powerful features that make your outreach efforts successful. It can integrate with other email providers, and even provides key data on your audience.

With that data and with other features, you can craft marketing materials that are impactful and meaningful. It can help grow your brand and your audience.

MailFloss Makes Email Verification Simple and Easy

Marketing can be a complicated and difficult field, and professionals need as many ways to simplify it as possible. For people who want to simplify their outreach marketing, there’s MailFloss. The tool is designed to practically automate email marketing, so professionals don’t need to think about it.

It verifies bulk email lists so that you don’t need to comb through them, making sure you aren’t wasting emails. It also automatically cleans up your email lists on its own. Such automated behavior isn’t just good for your company, it’s good for your audience.

This tool will help them feel like they’re in control of the email they receive. With fewer chances for human error, customers will feel closer to the company and your brand will grow.

NeverBounce Has Been Growing Fast

NeverBounce launched in 2014, and in the handful of years that it’s been around, it has gathered names like Dell and The Girl Scouts. It offers both bulk email verifications and single email verifications, allowing companies to use the tool however they want.

And since it’s still so new, the tool is comparatively cheaper than other big names. Its emphasis on user customization also means that it’s developer-friendly, allowing advanced users to take full control of NeverBounce. 

Outreach Marketing Always Helps Your Business

For some business owners and marketing professionals, email verification tools may seem like an archaic thing of the past. Many want to focus on social media campaigns and SEO as a way to advertise their business. Yet, outreach marketing will always connect with audiences in a way that other types of marketing can’t.

It reminds people that they aren’t just a number on a screen to the company. Instead, they’re a member of a powerful community working to improve their lives. And to learn more about how to connect with your audience, just keep reading our website here.

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