Food Need To Be Preserved From Contaminations

Food Need To Be Preserved From Contaminations

Here is the complete guide, How to preserve the food from contamination. Custom food packaging makes sure to preserve edible items and restrict bacteria growth.

Food poisoning is the most common issue that most people encounter, but it is a horrible condition. It results from the contamination of the food from bacteria. Industry focuses on custom food packaging to save this edible problem because the right preservation can keep food from contamination.

What is food preservation? It includes preventing the microorganisms, fungi, and bacteria growth, also retarding the fats’ oxidation that results in rancidity. Hence promoting the product shelf life and decreases the food hazard. In other words, food processing is the raw material transformation by chemical or physical means into any form of food. The raw food components are produced in the marketable edible item that the user can use and prepared.

For instance, it includes the consumption of space food under no gravity. So you can carry the process item for an extended time like frozen and canned vegetables and fruits, food enriched with nutrients like omega3-fatty acid, vitamin D, and fibers.

In the processing, food safety is the primary concern because packages edible items can get contaminated, and because of this infection, it can spread health issues. Must balance these methods with preservation of what food storing do? It slows down food damage, prevents the food quality, and makes it fresh for a more extended period. It includes the restriction of microorganisms, fungi, and bacterial growth. It covers vacuum packaging, freezing, and refrigeration.

Various Means Of Food Preservation

Various methods can use to prevent edible items form contamination. In fact, at your home, you can also keep it from any bacterial growth. Preservation of edible items is not a new thing. People are practicing it for ages to store the meat of slaughter anima. Drying is one the oldest way to keep the food from contamination. After the invention of the refrigerator, it becomes a useful tool to preserve food products. It does not end here. People also use the fermentation method for this process.

With time frozen food are getting popularity to form fruits to vegetable. Cooked rice to meat, everything is available in the markets. The addition of certain chemicals, irradiation, freezing, pasteurization makes it possible. These are the more methods. Many food companies go for custom food packaging, like canning, to keep the fungi and bacteria away. So the food packaging companies look for new and modern technologies to keep the item preserve for a longer time.

Here is the list of various by which you can preserve the edible products.

Preservation At Lower Temperature

Most of you store the meat products in the freezer to extend the shelf life. In general, a reduction in temperature reduces the microorganism growth. It also reduces the various chemicals and physical reaction that happens in food. Some of the methods are:


You can increase the life of many edible items by reducing the temperature below 40-degree Fahrenheit or 4-degree centigrade. You can refrigerate meat, dairy items, eggs, vegetable, and fresh fruits. Some fruits like banana are spoiled when it exposed to reduce the temperature. It is because of temp below 4-degree centigrade cause’s dehydration. So you can control these issues by placing such a food items storage chamber with proper custom food packaging technique.


Frozen and freezing storage offers the best means of securing food nutritional quality. The food at subfreezing temperature loses the nutrient at slow rates, in retail stores particularly preferred this type of preservation.

In the past, people used ice to preserve the items. So they sprinkle salt on the ice to reduce the temp below 32-degree Fahrenheit. In the United States of America in the 19th century, this method was utilized to store poultry and fish. Clarence Birdseye in the 1920s had created methods for freezing the fish.

Industrial Freezers

This industrial freezer removes the heat form surface of food as quickly as possible. Many industrial freezers like cryogenic freezers, plate freezer fluidized-bed freezers, belt freezers, and air-blast tunnel freezers are preferred for preservation.

Improper storage or freezing of edible items may end in a detrimental change in quality. When any food item preserves with a high water amount, it freezes slowly, and it may encounter drip or fluid loss. So it would be better to be prevented this dehydration.

Thermal Process

There is another way to preserve food. In this time and temperature, need to remove any bacterial or microorganism for the edible items.


A Persian confectioner, Nicolas Appert, came with creating the food processed by the heat method. In 1819 he knew offices for this method of enclosing edible time in bottles, putting a bottle in the boiling water, and cooking bottles for some time. Peter Durans, in the same year, establishes the glass container, metal, tin, or pottery for heat food preservation.

In America 1822, ThomasKensett and Ezra Dagget came up with the tin cans. Still, many custom food packaging wholesale companies prefer tin can to preserve particular food.

Until 1986, the scientific basis of can string did not occur, but after the emergence of microorganisms, Clostridium Botulinum package companies seriously considered this method for preserving food, so companies started manufacturing custom food packaging bulk.


In this method, they apply the heat to the edible items to damage the pathogenic microorganism, to inactive the enzyme that causes spoilage. Unlike canned food, companies use mild heat for the pasteurization. So it maintains the nutritional value of the food.

Other Method Of Preserving Food

Besides the ways mentioned above, there is also another way to prevent food from contamination like:

  • Aseptic process
  • Sterilization
  • Commercial Sterilization

Package Aseptically Processed Items

You must be taking the custom food packaging that the brand uses to store the food clean or not? The custom food packaging wholesale manufacturer sterilizes the tin before any usage. In this, they fix the package’s machinery using hydrogen peroxide, sterile gases, or steam. Usually, they are using Bacillus subtilis globigii as the indicator of sterilization completion.

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