Bathroom Basics: Furnishing Your First Apartment

Bathroom Basics: Furnishing Your First Apartment

When it comes to moving in on a new apartment, perhaps the common grounds among new residents lies within prioritizing bathroom among all other rooms. 

After all, maintaining a comfortable, pleasant, and fully functional bathroom should be a topmost priority, to make sure that it will be accommodating not just for the homeowner, but their guests too.

And while shelving the luxuries for the meantime is okay, meeting the necessities is always a good headstart.

The items listed down below will help out new residents in establishing their ideal bathroom:

Toilet papers, of course, comes on top of the list. Whatever happens, toiler paper is a must-have in every bathroom.

bathroom furnished

Hand towels are also necessary, especially for those people having regular guests in their home. In situations where the toilet paper is not available, no one wants to have their guests wipe hands using their bath towels.

Speaking of bath towels, starting-up with a couple of each, together with at least a pair of washcloths, will be enough for the meantime while the residents are starting to buy other essential stuff.

Also, hand soaps are a regular addition to your bathroom items. One good tip is that instead of buying regular bath soaps, it will be preferable to use bottled liquid soaps instead to maximize space, especially when putting it on the sink area.

Another primary addition is a shower curtain and a liner. Buying an opaque shower curtain will be a great idea, as it helps in hiding away an unattractive view of a bathtub or shower.

To further customize the bathroom set up, toilet paper holders can be a good buy. A standing holder can also be bought to have some room for tissue roll stocks.

Aside from toilet paper, toothbrush holders are also a neat item to consider. Toothbrush holders with sanitizers are becoming popular choices among consumers nowadays, so grab the opportunity to keep one in your bathroom.

Of course, trash cans are one of the most essential and hygienic items that every bathroom should have. When buying a trash can, opt for the one that has a lid in it. 

Also, it will be preferable to buy a stock of garbage bags together with it, as it makes the process of dumping sanitary trash easier to do. It wouldn’t be so lovely to clean up a trash can full of used tissue papers, would it?

Lastly, bath mats are another item to the list you must have. Bath mats don’t just give comfortability; it also provides safety to prevent slips from wet bathroom floor. When buying mats, try to complement it with the preferred design scheme for the bathroom for an added aesthetic.

The toilet bowl is arguably the most important place inside the bathroom, so maintaining cleanliness of it is a must to give the guests the comfortability that they need when making use of it.

Materials that should be beside the toilet bowl are plunger and toilet brush for cleaning purposes, an air freshener, and, last but not least, an all-around freshener. 

Having all of these ensures that the bathroom will have its regular clean-up and maintenance, especially at times when the bathroom will be over-used and prone to some messy incidents, say, a party or something.

Lastly, it will also be sweet to have some added touch into the bathroom, to lighten up the mood inside and give a more pleasing and welcoming vibe to anyone using it. 

Luxurious bathroom soaps and lotions and other beauty products can be a lovely addition. Small benches or even towel warmers makes a difference. Also, the décor won’t be complete without a touch of something green, like a small plant. Consider adding it into a little spot in the corner.

Excited to get your bathroom furnished? Have a look into this infographic brought to you by Mr. Rooter Plumbing to find out how: