Alinity Won $50,000 From Her Rude Video On Onlyfans

Alinity OnlyFans

Alinity is the Twitch Streamer and OnlyFans member. Recently, she won $50,000 for sharing a rude video on her account. The girl is much popular on social media platforms and earns a good income. Adding to the fact, she is also a popular Twitch personality.

Over the years, she is earning a lot of money by posting several videos on her OnlyFans account. Recently, she made a raw video to gain popularity and earn good money. Here we will discuss the same in detail about Alinity OnlyFans.

Who Is Alinity?

The real name of Alinity is Natalia Mogollon. She was born on 10th January 1988. At present, she is 34 years old. She is a popular YouTube personality and also a Twitch streamer with many fans. She creates videos that involve playing games like Apex Legends and World of Warcraft.


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Natalia has a younger sister, Valentina Mogollon. She even has a brother whose name is not available. She loves cats and thus has, two cats named Milo and Maya. The girl also has two dogs. Before starting her career on social media platforms, she worked as a nurse. She got a nursing degree from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

She made her first video in 2012 and uploaded it on Twitch. Then, in 2013, she started her YouTube channel. She is popular for spreading the game, Apex Legends. From 2021, she started sharing even cooking-related videos.

Alinity OnlyFans Won $50,000 For Rude Video:

During the recent interview with fellow streamers, Cyr and Maya, Alinity said that she earned $50,000 for making a burp video. She did this video to mean someone else and not for having fun. 

She shared this video with people for $100 each and thus, she sold it to 500 people. Finally, she earned $50,000 by sharing this burp video. 


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Alinity Earns A Lot Of Money:

Alinity shared that she earns a lot of income on Twitch and OnlyFans platform. Within two months, she can earn some money on the OnlyFans account which is equal to ten-year Twitch earnings. Thus, it is clear that the Alinity OnlyFans account helps her to earn a lot of money.

The Twitch Leak About Alinity’s Revenue:

There was a major leak on Twitch about the income of Twitch streamers including Alinity. It was shocking to see the earnings of top streamers. Then, after the leak, Alinity tweeted on Twitter about content creators and fans.

She then initiated a thread that she is poor in mathematics. Then, she talked about the income status of Twitch streams. After a fan asked about her YouTube earnings, she shared about it too.


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Alinity didn’t share her earnings on YouTube openly with her fans. But she managed to tell that she earns the same amount from YouTube as in Twitch. Furthermore, she added that her earnings from YouTube are not sufficient for her. Though she has 100,000 subscribers for her YouTube channel, she couldn’t earn much out of it.


Alinity is a controversial figure on a social media platform. Recently, she faced some disputes with PewDiePie. But Alinity ended this controversy that both of them were on good terms now. She is a popular personality on Twitch and OnlyFans and earns a lot of income from both platforms. Recently, she made a rude video and earned $50,000 on her OnlyFans account. Thus, she is always a controversial figure.