The Advantages of Animated Commercials and Video Promotion

The Advantages of Animated Commercials and Video Promotion

Animated video content is one of the most trending forms of advertising to date. With their efficacy, easy-to-digest content, and entertaining nature, no wonder small and big names in the industry embrace this new trend to reach out to their target audience. As technology advances, so does the marketing approach.

Explainer videos are a powerful marketing tool that can help you make the right first impression when introducing your business to new customers. Compared to other types of animated explainer videos, whiteboard animation is considered the best explainer video example for people who like minimalistic design. This style is most effective as it keeps users engaged and is recommended for creating video series as well.

Modern customers don’t just listen to traditional promotional content and videos; everyone prefers watching content compellingly tells the brand’s stories. Assuming you already make up your mind and don’t want to try animation explainer videos yet, this article’s purpose is perfectly crafted for you. Read along and learn why you need not procrastinate about it.

Why is Video Animation Good For Advertising?

Promotional videos, animated commercials, or explainer videos are highly effective marketing tools. Since they are entertaining, people prefer their unique approach to providing complete information without boring the audience. They offer easy-to-digest information which retains the viewer’s mind. See here for the best samples of why and how effective animated commercials are.

Animated video contents are the ideal medium if you want to experiment with effects and styles. It enables the imagination to go beyond your limitation from introducing the brand, product, services, or ideas. Here are some of the reasons why most businesses choose animated video explainers for effective marketing and advertising tools.

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  • Entertaining
  • Easy to digest contents
  • The concepts grasp with the viewers
  • Versatile and flexible
  • Customizable to your preference or style
  • Short, powerful, and effective
  • Unlimited ideas
  • Tackles the perfect for improving engagements

Even though animated commercials are short, roughly about 20 to 60 seconds long, they are effective enough to promote the business completely. Since they are unobtrusive, creative, and entertaining advertising tools, most brands, even the most popular ones, use this form to promote their campaigns on various social media platforms and TVs.

What Are The Advantages of Animated Commercials?

The world has completely changed, and entrepreneurs are smarter in effectively approaching their target audience. For instance, before you invest in the latest craze and trends, you’ll want to understand the pros and cons of your options. Suppose you still doubt the efficacy of animated commercials or promotional videos, here are several benefits you may agree with:

Animated videos or explainer videos can effectively explain complex messages using a simple approach. 

Promotional explainer videos and animated commercials allow you to connect with your customers conveniently and effectively. It enables you to provide complex details effectively.

With the help of animated videos, you can break complex ideas into easy-to-digest chunks using a creative and fun approach that your audience will effectively understand. Thanks to animation, you can convey easy and fun videos which are easy-to-digest.

Whether you’re an educational institution, financial organizations, crypto-traders, healthcare sector, and more industries running complex information assets, video animation is the perfect tool to advertise your brand.

Creativity allows your business or brand to stand out from the competition.

People got bored watching the same advertising firms or listening to traditional promotional speeches. Everyone wants something new, creative, and engaging. Your target audience prefers watching creative and fresh content.

It also allows your marketing team to be more creative and innovative when thinking of new ways to reach out to your target market effectively. Animated commercials draw the audience’s attention, engage viewers, and fuels their interest in your brand.

They are cost-effective advertising tools.

Many digital entrepreneurs and businesses procrastinate in video production and animated commercials as they think it’s expensive. The truth is, this marketing tool is very affordable.

Animated commercials and explainer videos are inexpensive compared to live-motion as you won’t need additional costs on renting locations, hiring artists, and more. In fact, the whole process is done in a single studio, and you can tailor-fit it to meet various areas of your marketing strategy.

Since animated ads are flexible, you can use them for brand-building, promotions, or marketing. With a single animated ad, you’ll get versatile solutions that open new doors for your marketing and PR brand.

They are powerful and easy-to-digest marketing tools.

Various businesses using animated commercials have seen great customer acquisition results, audience engagements, or lead generation. They offer a new dimension in digital advertising, and they offer desirable contents that people watch and listen to.

With an effective entertainment function, this marketing tool improves brands’ engagement while enhancing loyalty and user’s attention to detail. This then positively impacts traffic which increases conversion rate and ROI.

Animated commercials offer content flow consistency. 

An explainer video allows you to convey complete data details with consistency and explains even the most complex concept to your audience in a step-by-step process. This way, you can effectively communicate and educate your target audience with your brand, product, or service and highlight the benefits awaiting them.

With animated commercials or video promotions, you can easily offer solutions to existing issues that make your market’s lives easier.

Video explainers are highly recommended and ideal for startups as they introduce and explain the launch date’s project. This helps create engagements about the product, provide information around the web, and improve your audience engagements.

The aforementioned details are vital factors that contribute to the product launch’s overall success.

Why Are Video Ads More Effective?

Whether you are an entrepreneur trying to decide if animated commercials are beneficial for your business or not, here’s why this marketing tool is trending and highly effective.

  • 92% of potential customers watch videos online, and 85% decide to purchase a product after watching the explainer video.
  • Video contents and animated commercials convert sales.
  • Video ads are a great choice for most mobile users.
  • People share fun, compelling videos.
  • Search engines like Google love video.
  • Video content is the best marketing tool that educates and informs the audience efficiently.
  • Promotional/explainer videos offer huge information over a limited time.
  • If you want to tell your story effectively, use video content.
  • Analytic features allow you to monitor your performance.

Since video explainers are amenable, you can judge how mere or complex your content is. Animations are customized to suffice individual or business needs and budgets. To make your animated ads cost-effective, you can control animation sequences that focus on simple illustrations or dynamic text. Once you have accumulated enough budget, you can decide how every scenario will create a unique marketing journey.

Final Word

Taking advantage of the tons of benefits, you can get with animated commercials is vital to your business’s success. Whether you want to create a buzz, educate your target audience, or improve engagements that lead to improved conversion, all of which are essential to your marketing plan’s success.

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