How Many Jobs Are Available In Finance Consumer Services? Know About The Best Jobs

How Many Jobs Are Available In Finance Consumer Services

If you want to find a job in finance consumer services, you may have this question – How many jobs are available in finance consumer services? Only if there are many jobs will you get a job easily and get the best high-paying position. Finance consumer services can offer you the job you are looking for because there are many jobs in this industry. There is a high demand for the jobs like Technical support, Accounts Manager, Receptionist and more. Therefore what are you waiting for? Know about the best jobs available in Finance and consumer services. 

Financial consumer service – What it is? 

Financial consumer service is a career that offers consumer services in the financial sector. Hence it is vast and is seeing immense growth. For example, some of the services offered are mortgage assistance or credit counseling. They help customers to make smart financial decisions and also help them to increase their financial resources. 

Further, the financial sector can also assist clients in improving their financial literacy. So they are greatly benefiting their customers with their service. It shows that financial consumer service is an important part of the economy. 

Best jobs in the financial consumer services 

  • Financial Analyst 

Average annual salary $71741 per year

Financial Analysts work for insurance companies, banks, and investment firms. They are people who have great knowledge of the financial world. Therefore they help their clients and companies to make good financial decisions. In this way, they help people to get profitable income. 

Financial Analyst

Further, they research different market trades and recommend appropriate investment plans. They are critical thinkers because Finance can be risky, so they prevent it as much as possible. Their role is demanding because they deal with clients who trust them. 

To be a financial Analyst, you have to get a bachelor’s or master’s degree in accounting, Finance, statistics, business management, or subjects related to the field. 

  • Investment Banker

Average annual salary $72518 per year

Investment bankers are professionals; their main job is to raise capital by selling securities. Mostly they work for banks and independent firms. They also advise their clients on making the most profitable financial decisions. They help clients find money-worthy opportunities and recommend the best future financial plans.  

Investment Banker

In this career, you will be able to make millions of dollars. But you have to be an expert on investment and related subjects. 

Earn a bachelor’s degree in Finance or economics to become an Investment Banker. 

  • Receptionist

Average annual salary $36,853 

The Receptionist in finance consumer services greets and talks with the clients of the company they work for. They represent the company’s beliefs and follow office etiquette, so they are always polite and well-mannered. Plus, it is their job to answer the phone calls and allow the clients to make appointments. 


Further, they save all the important details of the clients for future reference. They also help the client to meet the person they want to visit in the office. It is their job to arrange the couriers too. They sit at the lobby or the front office desk. 

You have to finish your high school degree to become a Receptionist. Bachelor’s degree in business or communication is a major requirement. 

  • StockBroker

Average annual salary $75286

The StockBrokers have a deep understanding and knowledge of the stock market. They work for companies and guide their clients to invest in and sell stocks. Mostly they work for banks, businesses and investment firms. You also get the job of the Stockbrokers to form a good bond with their clients and helps the clients to trust them. 


It will help if you have a bachelor’s degree in business, economics, accounting or any other related field to become a Stockbroker. But you also should have an outstanding knowledge of the stock market. 

  • Accountant

Average annual salary $63,172

The Accountant organizes and inspects financial records without any slowdown. They do their job with accuracy and without any flaws. They also check if their clients are up to date in paying their taxes. There are both corporate and personal Accountants. 

Hiring Your Business's First Accountant

Corporate accountants work for companies and financial organizations. On the other personal accounts only work for a single client or a select few clients. They will check if their clients comply with all the legal regulations and understand financial concepts well. 

  • Loan Officer

The Loan Officers help their clients to get loans from banks and other financial organizations. They work for banks, credit unions and other businesses. If a client finds it hard to get a loan because of an issue, they help identify and fix it. They also help them to understand complicated financial terms and conditions. A Loan Officer must communicate well with clients to form good business relationships. 

jobs banking finance

To become a Loan Office, you must get a bachelor’s degree in Finance or other related fields. You also have to pass National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS). 

Wrapping up 

How many jobs are available in Finance consumer services? After reading this article, you will now know that there are many promising careers in Finance consumer services. So acquire the right qualifications and get the job. 

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