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Alexus Whilby

Do you want to know about former TV personality Alexus Whilby? Then you can find all the details here. Her husband received recognition because of Kyle Chrisley Knows Best a show in USA network. His whole family became famous because of the reality show. The program also got nominated for Choice Television Award in 2016. It is one of the best reality shows on television. Whilby is now 29 years old. She and her husband are famous personalities and are well known because of their talents. Continue reading to know more about Alexus Whilby. 

Background information 

The birthplace of Whilby is Georgia US and her birth year is 1991. She has a sister and her name is Amber Pyatt. She is very close with her sister. Her father died when she was young. She went to Middle Georgia College and completed her graduation from the University of Oglethorpe. Not much information about Wilby is available however she is a talented person from her youth and determined to achieve great things. 

Quick Facts of Alexus Whilby

Full Name Alexus Whilby
Date of Birth 1991
Birthplace Atlanta Georgia, United States
Age 29
Profession Account manager
Educational Qualifications Oglethorpe University
Ethnicity African-American
Husband Kyle Chrisley
Net Worth $ 300,000
Children –


At the moment Wilby is working in ALTA Language Services as an account manager. She joined the company in 2014 where the firm was first installed in Atlanta, Georgia. Then she married the famous reality star Kyle Chrisley and after that many people came to know her. The husband and wife created a band called “Lexi & Kyle Chrisley” and they unveiled their new song “Shame on You” in September 2014. Her husband also appeared in “Chrisley Knows Best” which is a well-known reality show. It is a famous show that features the lifestyle of the wealthy Chrisley family in detail. 

Kyle Chrisley’s father is the famous businessman Todd Chrisley. Chrisley left the program because he created lots of problems in it. His father sent him for treatment in the drug recovery centre for many months. He also appeared in the show The Real with Hill Harper, Melissa Fumero and Tyson Beckford. So these details show that Alexus and Chrisley are famous people. 

How Whilby met her husband? 

Whilby first met her husband when he was recovering from his drug abuse. She is the one who helped him to rearrange his life and start anew. She made him a new man and aided him to recover from his addiction. Then the sparks flew between them. The couple dated for some time and planned to marry. Then, they become husband and wife in 2014. The couple consider their relationship precious and is serious in it. So for many of their fans, they are an example. 

Before Whilby, Chrisley was in a relationship with Angela Johnson. He had a daughter with her named Chloe Chrisley. But because of Chrisley’s drug problem his wife left him. Some sources say that he also abused his wife because of his drug problem. He also frightened his sister with a knife. Then Chrisley’s family filed a case against Angel when the child was just one. 

Chrisley’s first marriage life was turmoil. However, he recuperated from his drug problem and is a new man now. He is living a good life as a changed man. In 2019 he became a fully sober man. 

Her father-in-law 

Todd Chrisley is a famous personality on television. He is a business tycoon who has a large family. The life of the family revealed in the famous reality show Chrisley Knows Best. The eighth season of the show released in 2020 which focused on the lifestyle of Chase and Savannah Chrisley. Whilby’s husband Kyle Chrisley is the oldest son of the family. 

The body stature of Alexus Whilby 

The height of Whilby is 5 feet 7 inches and his weight is 62 kg. She is a black woman with a beautiful curvy body. Her facial features are excellent and she has dimples in her cheeks. She is in social media and has lots of followers on Instagram. She is also available on Twitter and Youtube. But her Instagram account is private. 

There are some photos of her available and she is wearing good outfits that suit her figure. So we can say that she has excellent style sense. 

The net worth of Alexus Whilby 

The exact net worth of Alexus Whilby is not available. However, according to her presence on television, we can conclude that she is quite rich. She also gets revenues from her business. Some sources say that she received millions of dollars. She is the director and co-owner of Whilby LL, therefore, she gets a good amount of salary. 

As she is an account manager her salary is $60 k. Moreover, her husband comes from a rich family as his father is Todd Chrisley who is a famous businessman. He has a net worth of $45 million. Furthermore, Alexus lives in a comfortable house with her husband located in Georgia. It is a large 3000sq house. 


Alexus Chrisley is a famous woman. She is a kind and compassionate lady who helped Kyle to recover from his drug addiction.

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