Rebecca Liddicoat the ex-wife of NFL player Robert Griffin III

Rebecca Liddicoat

NFL players are popular not only for their exceptional gameplay but for their personal lives too. Many players married beautiful women in recent years. One such NFL ex-wife who is rising to fame is Rebecca Liddicoat. Her ex-husband Robert Griffin is an esteemed player who is also the winner of the Heisman Trophy.

Also, he is the quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens in the national football league. There are many achievements of Robert Griffin in his NFL journey. When it comes to his personal life he keeps the details private. Still, he announced his marriage to Rebecca Liddicoat in the media. However, the couple is divorced now and here are details about his wife. 

About NFL player Robert Griffin III

Robert Lee Griffin is a football analyst and a quarterback. His journey for NFL started after playing in college football games. He is also a commentator at ESPN since 2021. With quick passes, he breaks records in his first year as a player.

Robert Griffin III

 Also, he had a knee injury that disturbed his gameplay. In 2017 he was signed up for Baltimore Ravens. For three seasons he played as a quarterback for the team and achieved great things. 

Background, birth and career of Rebecca Liddicoat 

Born on 13th august 1988 Rebecca Liddicoat is a Boulder, Colorado. Her parents are Edward and Laura Liddicoat who worked in Colorado to raise their two children. Also, Rebecca has an older sibling that is her older sister Lindsey whom she grew up as a child. She did her schooling at Copperas Cove High school. 

Further, Rebecca met her future husband Robert at Baylor University. The mutual friends introduced them to each other and soon they started to date each other. After dating for some time the couple thought to tie the knot on 6th July 2013. 

Marriage life and kids of Rebecca with the famous Footballer 

It was a private marriage ceremony for Rebecca and Griffin in 2013. The couple keeps details about the marriage away from the limelight. After marriage, they were enjoying their time together by travelling to an extraordinary destination. Everything was going fine for the couple in their life.

 Further, in 2015 Rebecca gave birth to her daughter Reese Ann Griffin. With the arrival of the daughter, the couple was overjoyed. Still, in 2016 a year after Ann’s birth Rebecca split from her husband. The reason for the split is not still clear. However, the couple has now moved on with their lives. 

Life after divorce and net worth of Rebecca Liddicoat 

After the divorce Rebecca remains single. She is raising her daughter with her ex-husband Griffin. Her entire focus now is on her daughter’s life and health. Meanwhile, her ex is already in love with another woman. Still, Rebecca has custody of their daughter Ann. After the divorce in 2016, Griffin dated Grete in the same year. After an engagement in 2017, the couple tied the knot.

 Now Griffin has two kids with his second wife which makes him a father of three children in total. When it comes to raising their first daughter Rebecca takes most of the responsibility. She has a net worth of 2 million which helps her to take good care of Ann. However, Robert’s net worth is around 13 million dollars. There are many accusations against NFL players for not paying divorce settlements and the cost of raising a daughter for Rebecca. 


Rebecca Liddicoat is the ex-wife of NFL Player Robert Griffin. She rose to fame after her divorce from her footballer husband in 2016. Know more details about her from the above article. 

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