Michael Giannulis Recommends Top 4 Tools for Tracking KPIs for Your Business

Michael Giannulis Recommends Top 4 Tools for Tracking KPIs for Your Business

Key Performance Indicators help in measuring your organization’s performance, health, and overall effectiveness. It is of pivotal importance for all businesses to identify high-performance and cutting-edge software that provides information about your business as a whole and not individual departments alone. Let us explore some of the most popular KPI tracking tools that are frequently used by business owners. You would never come to know how ineffective or worthless the current KPI tracking technique is until you start using one of the following methods.

Michael Giannulis Presents the Top KPI Tracking Business Tools


Geckoboard helps in providing a live snazzy KPI tracking dashboard meant for businesses. This tool is known to feature an effective drag-and-drop interface that lets users design visual dashboards for themselves across a spectrum of metrics. Geckoboard further allows you to showcase full-screen dashboards brilliantly on the TV screen. Geckoboard is a fantastic option for organizations that wish to keep their staff laser-focused on outcomes. This tool has been designed particularly for fast-moving teams that are struggling to concentrate on the most vital parts of their organization. Mike Giannulis says that Geckoboard is great for integrating with the top business software and that may include Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Shopify. 


Salesforce is regarded as the most popular KPI measurement solution for businesses. Though it involves a slight learning curve, the software allows organizations to establish personal dashboards as a whole or for every employee individually. For staying focused, Salesforce is the way to go for boosting your business. The Salesforce website might look slightly overwhelming since there is a broad spectrum of products covering all aspects of your business, and that may include sales, marketing, services, community, commerce, and project planning. 


Tableau is a brilliant KPI tracking and analytics tool with a spectrum of pre-built KPI templates that could be utilized for tracking your business. Tableau was specifically designed to cater to e-Commerce and retail operations. It provides a broad spectrum of features that could prove to be immensely beneficial to all businesses. Real-time data blending is supposed to be the most crucial Tableau feature that sets it apart from the rest of the competition.


SimpleKPI is supposed to be a wonderful starting point for various businesses that wish to initiate tracking important metrics using KPI tools. SimpleKPI has been crafted with the intention of keeping things simple and coming up with easy-to-use KPI measuring software. The simplicity of the tool should not be mistaken for its lack of power. SimpleKPI can effectively track a broad spectrum of metrics like marketing metrics, financial metrics, service metrics, and operational metrics. Simple KPI seems to be a complete and comprehensive package suitable for businesses in practically all industries. 


You must have realized the importance of using KPI tracking tools for your business. Cutting-edge KPI measurement software helps to know the pulse of any business. You can identify areas that need improvement without going through the meticulous and manual evaluation of all aspects of your everyday business operations. KPI tools for businesses are great for accurate measurement of various metrics that indicate your business’s performance.