What is Absurdle? Full Guide on How to Play


Word games, like Wordle, are often highly addictive. However, the predictability and familiarity of these games can make them less enjoyable over time. To add an element of unpredictability and maintain a high level of interest, some players turn to games like Absurdle. In this article, we will discuss the features and rules of these games, as well as provide some tips to make gameplay more enjoyable.

Absurdle Overview

Absurdle game is a twist on the classic Wordle game. The game presents players with a grid of letters and the player must guess the hidden word. The twist is that the word is not a real word, but a made-up word, often with a humorous or nonsensical meaning. This adds an element of surprise and keeps the game interesting even after many rounds of play.

The rules of Absurdle are similar to Wordle. The player must guess the hidden word within a certain number of turns. The player can guess a letter or a complete word. For each correct letter in the correct position, the player earns points. If the player correctly guesses the word, they earn bonus points.

To make gameplay more enjoyable, players can try the following tricks:

  • Create a list of absurd words for inspiration
  • Think about the letters in the grid and try to come up with a word that could potentially be made from them
  • Use the process of elimination to narrow down the possible words

Absurdle Gameplay Features

In Absurdle, with each new guess you make, a new row with five columns is added to the initial blank row. The system is designed to make it difficult for players to guess the hidden word, and with each guess, it moves to the word pool with the greatest number of “approved” words in order to accomplish this goal. As a result, it is likely that many of your initial predictions will be “grey.”

To make gameplay more manageable, players can try the “random guess” button at the bottom right of the virtual keyboard. This allows the computer to randomly choose five-letter words for each row, making it easier to solve the puzzle. However, keep in mind that while this may make gameplay easier, it also decreases the chances of winning the grand prize.

Once you have five different letters, it should be easier to solve the puzzle. With the combination of letters and guesses, it’s possible to solve the puzzle and even win the grand prize if you’re lucky.

It’s important to keep in mind that the game is designed to be challenging, so don’t get discouraged if you’re having trouble guessing the word at first. Keep trying and experimenting with different guesses and strategies, and you will eventually be able to solve the puzzle.

Things to Keep In Mind While Playing Absurdle

In Absurdle, the letters in the input guessed words serve as the feedback that the game system uses to create a word pool of likely solutions. Each game starts with a blank slate for the game system, and your ability to force the system to reduce the word pool to the one you have narrowed down is the game’s central mechanic. However, it is not as simple or straightforward as it may sound.

The goal of Absurdle is to defy the odds and solve the puzzle. To do this, players must first establish the scene with a collection of easy-to-use letters. Similar to Wordle, the beginning involves using striker words to remove extra letters from the table. However, in Absurdle, there is no mystery word in the game equation and no undesired letter at the start.

The game system will use the input letters to generate a word pool of likely solutions. But it’s up to the player to narrow down the options by making educated guesses. The process of elimination and the use of different strategies. This include random guesses can help to narrow down the word pool and increase the chances of solving the puzzle. 

How to Win Games

In Absurdle, it’s important to focus on adding distinctive letters because the number of opportunities is not limited. Unlike other word games, there is no special bias towards certain letters or words. This means that any letter is to solve the puzzle. However, it’s important to note that not all letters may receive a favorable response from the system. This include a green or yellow highlight.

Even when players have received consecutive greens on all letters in the word. The game is designed to be challenging and to frustrate players into submission. As a result, the system will use any available strategy to prolong the game. This can include focusing on a word pool that contains more likely solutions than others.

Tricks and Hacks for Absurdle

It may not be considered cheating if you were to peek into the system’s list of “likely” answer terms. Since the game itself is tricky. There is a way to cheat in Absurdle on the game website. But it is only available to players using the Google Chrome browser on a PC or desktop.

By using the F12 key or the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + I to launch the Developer Tools. And selecting Developer Tools from the list of additional tools by clicking the Ellipsis icon. You can see how the system filters the word pool based on the letters you type in the console. 

The system will allocate the largest pool to your subsequent guess. If you already know the majority of the letters, and will reduce the pool size as you continue to guess. This process of “pruning” continues until you are able to receive feedback on every letter on the keyboard. 

Therefore, when you’ve reached the stage where the usable letters and list of likely solution words are in your favour. You can look into the likely answers list to potentially find the secret word. 


Word games are evergreen and can be enjoyed by almost anyone. The biggest advantages is that you can play word game anywhere. Due to this, games like Absurdle are getting famous day by day. In this article we will learn what type of game this is, how you can play, tips and tricks to win the game as well as hacks to guess every words.

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