Wage Garnishment Lawyer

Wage Garnishment Lawyer

Are you facing a very stressful wage garnishment? Wage garnishments usually happen when you fail to comply with the proper payment to your creditors on time. Your creditors will then take action to get a court order for them to garnish your wage legally. Your creditor can garnish up to twenty-five percent of your disposable income from each paycheck or the amount by which your income for seven days exceeds the federal minimum wage; which of these two options is less will be the amount garnished.  

So how can a wage garnishment lawyer help you when your wage is being garnished? These lawyers may represent you in each legal proceeding against your creditors. They will then provide you with legal options you can choose to address your financial issue, find your trackback to financial stability, end creditor harassment, reduce your debt that could potentially lead to wage garnishment, wage garnishment itself, and its other factors such as being terminated by your employers. 

When do I need to consult a wage garnishment lawyer?

It is recommended to immediately hire a garnishment lawyer once your creditors are threatening you with a debt collection lawsuit. Your lawyer will then offer you options on how to address the situation before it completely leads to a lawsuit. You may consider the option of negotiating a different debt settlement process with your creditors, which could help you decrease the possible impact on your financial income.

Here are the other factors why you must consider hiring a wage garnishment lawyer:

Wage garnishment has been filed in error.

If you have checked your judgment, that’s a good move because you get to verify if everything is accurate, whether you have paid your debt or you do not entirely owe the debt from the start. Suppose the wage garnishment has been made in error. In that case, you may start looking for a good wage garnishment lawyer that could help you settle this case by gathering evidence that will prove that you do not indeed owe the debt and ensuring that the whole procedural requirements have been addressed. 

The legal fees are more than your debt amount.

It is important to look for a credible, reliable, and trustworthy lawyer that could assist you throughout your wage garnishment problem. If the lawyer you have found is charging you a higher amount of legal fee than your debt that you need to pay, you may need to consult another lawyer and ask for a second opinion. A trustworthy and good lawyer will honestly tell you the exact and reasonable amount for your legal fees. 

Your creditor is taking more than he should take

It is a must to be always attentive and observant. Once the court has notified you of a debt payment lawsuit, you may read the judgment, which may consist of the information on the exact amount of how much your creditor can garnish from each of your paychecks. Suppose you are notified that your creditor is taking more than he could legally take from your wage. In that case, you may need to consult an experienced lawyer to discuss how you must take legal action regarding the garnishment amount. 

You want to negotiate a different payment arrangement with your creditors. 

With the fact that the process of getting a court order can be complex and hassle, your creditors might be willing to have a conversation with you instead. Suppose you think it is possible to have a negotiation with your creditors regarding a different payment settlement. In that case, you may need a lawyer to prepare some offers and deals for a different debt payment arrangement that you and your creditor can consider. 

Your employer is threatening to terminate you from your job because of garnishment.

If your employer threatens to terminate you from your job due to wage garnishment, you may need to consult a lawyer since it is against the law for an employer to fire an employee. 

Overall, if you are facing any debt issues, talk to a lawyer, consult a lawyer who can help you settle your debt issues, especially if your wage is being garnished. Then your attorney will immediately find out if you need to consider the option of a bankruptcy petition for you to settle the wage garnishment that has been filed against you. 

What are the services a wage garnishment lawyer can provide you?

A wage garnishment lawyer can help you avoid wage garnishment.

If your creditors have filed a debt payment lawsuit against you, your lawyer will assist you through any legal proceeding. They will know the exact approach to how to defend your case; they will assist you how in filing your answer to your creditor’s charges. If you lose your case, however, your lawyer will help you understand your rights, and s/he will provide you with different kinds of options on how to eliminate your wage garnishment. 

Your lawyer will provide you with any debt relief to resolve your wage garnishment.

Aside from choosing the option of accepting the judgment, there are two options that you can consider in order to resolve your debt payment issue. The first is negotiating with your creditors. Your lawyer will help you with the process of negotiating a different payment settlement with your creditors; your lawyer may prepare some offers and deals that could benefit you and your creditors. Second is the option of filing bankruptcy, which is considered the best option to eliminate your debt issues.

Your lawyer will help you with the process of filing for bankruptcy

If filing a b bankruptcy petition is the only option that can help you with resolving your wage garnishment, your lawyer will then help you throughout the process. They will make you understand its whole process and let you know which of the chapters of bankruptcy will be best to address your case of wage garnishment. 

Coast One Tax Group

If you are looking for a good and reliable firm that has excellent and experienced attorneys that can help you with any of your debt payment issues, this firm will be a good choice as they provide full-service task relief for individual taxpayers, businesses, corporations, or any association. They offer free consultation in terms of tax negotiation and tax settlement, offer in compromise, tax lien and levy, retirement seizure, wage garnishment, IRS Tax Audit, and unfiled tax returns.

According to their reviews, they have received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 5-Star rating from both Google and Trust Link, which infers that this firm is indeed outstanding in terms of providing legal services

The tax services they provide are Fresh Start Initiative, Innocent Spouse/Injured Spouse, Offer in Compromise, Penalty Abatement, Tax Audit/Tax Examination, Tax Consultants, Tax Lawyers, Tax Lien Withdrawal, Tax Negotiation, Tax Preparation/Unfiled Tax Returns, and Tax Resolution.

You may further check their clients’ reviews, which are visible on their website. Some of the reviews state that every attorney in the team of this firm is patient, attentive, honest, understanding, knowledgeable, professional, and hardworking. This should be the quality a lawyer must have because it will help bridge the gap between them and their clients. Once they have built trust, it will be way easier to resolve the problem and increase the possibility of winning the case they are fighting for.

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