Moviedle: What’s This Game About & Interesting Wordle Alternative

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If you have played Wordle, then Moviedle might sound similar to your ears. Well, you might just have guessed in the correct direction. It is a game like Wordle. We know that in Wordle, we have to guess words from the clues on-screen. However, with the other game, it is a bit different. Here you will see a small scene from a movie and you have to guess its name. 

You have to guess the title of the movie. However, each scene will be visible for one second and then the next scenes will come in. Therefore, you have to be very attentive while guessing the movies correctly. In addition, you will have six attempts to guess the movie. After that, the difficulty level will increase automatically. Therefore, if you wish to know more about this interesting game, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know everything about it in detail.

Moviedle And Its Creation

Moviedle And Its Creation

It is on March 22 that the Moviedle game began functioning. It is a modified version of Wordle. We know that here we do not have to guess a word. Rather we have to guess the name of a movie by seeing a video clip. You will get six attempts and with each wrong attempt or skip, the video will become slower and slower. 

If you are looking for the name of the person who created this game, then let me inform you that his name is Jeremy Toeman. He is the same person who founded the AugX Labs. He himself admitted that he is an addicted watcher of movies. His idea behind creating this game was to create a perfect mixture of entertainment and difficulty. Therefore, this is bound to be an entertaining game. But its simple appearance is deceptive, as it might be way more difficult than it might seem at first. 

Playing The Game

Playing The Game
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In the game, to make your initial guess, you will have a movie clip of one second. However, it will not be a short section of a movie. Rather, the entire movie will be played in an extremely fast manner in just one second. You will get around ten clips per second, to make the guess about the movie of the day. You will get six attempts and with each wrong attempt, the video will become a bit slower to help to guess properly. However, the maximum length of each clip will be around 6 seconds 

Every day you will get one movie to guess. However, if you wish to play movie puzzles from the previous days, then there is the calendar option to help you out. In addition, you will also have access to various statistical figures about your play time and success rates. What is more interesting is that you will also get the IMDB page link for the movies on this game. In addition, streaming links to these movies are also available in the game.

Interesting Features Of the Game

Interesting Features Of the Game

There are some interesting features of the movie puzzle game that has attracted the attention of the audience. These are:

Storage Of Previous Puzzles

If you wish to play movie puzzles from some previous dates, then also this game allows that. You will get a calendar icon and clicking on that will enable you to select the date from which you would play the puzzle. 

User-Friendly Interface

The interface is super easy and smooth. Moreover, it does not require in-depth technical knowledge to use this game. 

Share Option

If you wish to show your friends your excellent knowledge of movies, then there is a share option after you correctly guess the movie. You can share your score on social media from here.

Concluding Lines

Thus, Moviedle is a great puzzle game for you. Moreover, you can also download the app version of this game from Play Store or App Store. Therefore, go and check it out fast. 

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